We are seekers now, now that the truth is revealed.

We are seekers now, now that the truth is revealed.

Motivated today in ways not considered before. We seek a new way of being to live together now, without all the Law and oppression. Yet at the same time, called like never before to push back.

All veil of deceit now made clear. For in these times, eyes in the back of your head, you must have.

Take not your focus from those that would come against you. For their plans are forged in the fires of deceit, hatred and control. From times of so long, long ago, they have been.

But hold steady above all else to the creation of something new and fresh, waver not.

Where we all get to live in Abundance, Joy and Love. To dance in the light and remember all that we have forgotten about living peacefully together.

The Peace we all seek, even for those that have no clue.

Where freedom abounds, not the Law, and those that would comply us to fit in their “perfect” world, will have no place. Perfect for whom?

The question, who’s answer most confronting indeed, for sure it is.

For the first time in such a long time we begin to seek the answers forgotten all those years before. But been inside of you, always, all the answers, they have been.

Yet we must be gentle upon ourselves. For you’ll not arrive at the new place beginning as if the light switch is flipped. This isn’t that of instant journey.

For it is only with maturity, tolerance, acceptance, wisdom and real Love that our new place will arrive.

Learning to speak up for contributions sake, not stomping on the words of another. Where we forget even to listen, to even begin to take on board the robustness of thought, being shared with much care, with each other.

Speaking only when you know the other is ready to hear. Not speaking to be heard at the cost of the listener, rather speaking to have the listener hear.

For your message delivered carefully so, to talk to the Soul, inside.

Learning how to listen. How to find the parts of the message that strike the accord. The parts that maybe not ready before to hear, that might now be the keys to unlock the door. To not only respect the others’ position. Perhaps even to celebrate our differences.

To treat each other well. Caring first, for those around you, their wellbeing before yours.

Keeping an open mind, being ready to change your position. For the shoring up of a fortress around your thoughts and those things you hold rigid too.

No more quick, the path to destruction.

For as Nature quickly reveals, the only thing constant is change. Even the mountains come and go.

In the attempts to keep Life simple. So simple that we can quarantine the time, just to enjoy the ride.

To find the gentle Peace that has always been where it belongs. Right beside you if given chance enough to be heard.

But where, might you ask, does all this niceness lead?

Answered thus: Today we know not, where exactly all this takes us. What form our society might take in the years and decades that follow now.

The striving for better than now, for the sober indeed.

For the sailor never leaves safe port to venture forth without destination clearly fixed. Yet that is what required today, for sure.

Be gentle with yourself and those around as we strive to put down that of old. To trim the sail and hold the rudder for the new destination unknown.

For the new place of being cannot arrive until we, the listeners, are ready to hear.

Who knows, we might even learn how to smile and laugh with and at ourselves, along the way.


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