For a long time Nature’s hour glass has been still. The sand in the bottom, position well known, settled for a long time has been. But like all dry moisture left to settle for so long, some moisture has seeped in.

Comfortable in this state we have been allowed to become.

That presents of course no issue for the sand in the bottom of the glass. Because it isn’t asked to move. Until as is the case now the hour glass has been flipped. Then the moisture and resulting mould presents incredible risk.

For how much sand can now make it to the bottom, with flipped hour glass now? How easy for the clumps to make it through the slim neck?

Some sand will of course make its way past, grain by grain, into the new state. Into what was the top now to become the new state of the bottom.

For Nature, the very Nature we are part of, has now moved on.

Gone now are the days of comfort, there can be no turning back. Nature has and is changing rapidly as it has naturally done since before the beginning of time. Un-stoppable these changes, as they always are. Humbled before this power, we all actually are.

But how now do I know, whether or not indeed I have clogging moisture around me and whether I’ll make it through, into this new state of being.

Coming ready or not.

The fungus and moisture represents how deep into the lies we have allowed ourselves to be comfortable in.

For indeed the questions still remain.

• How much you have strived or have not strived to discover who you really are?

• Have I been genuinely trying to help those around me?

• Have I paid enough attention to the lessons as they have passed me by?

• How honest have I been about how I am and why I react in the manner I do?

How against these questions will you be honest with yourself?

For if you truly want to arrive into the new place of being, now the time to choose your path.

But make no mistake the hour glass has been turned.

There can be no turning back.


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