Full of promise new Life is.

Innocent, perfect, wonder and awe, the eyes just taking it in all around. Everything fresh and new.

For the first time, things sharp and smooth to be felt. Is it real? Asked through eyes and ears so young, or is this a dream? Constantly asks the new mind, without language yet formed. But already the Soul knows all. It knows the game to be played.

Skin so soft, first smile so wide, so bright. The powerful glint in the eye. The knowing.

For what is this place in which the new Life finds itself? What are these things called touch, sight, sound and Love?

The warmth of mother’s breast comfortable and safe. Safe, safe from the world, shielded from the stresses and burdens, in the early years indeed. This new Life in the early years just drinking it all in. Simple, pure and innocent.

But into what has this new Life arrived?

For now normal for the Life to comply, it is, in these days at least.

Complied to all the rules and Law it finds itself, entering in. The burden of work, mortgage and bills to be paid.

The only path of “normal” there to consume.

The very marrow of Life sucked away, before any chance of another decision, understood.

Far, far too expensive the price.

No other way, seemingly the case.

Or will this new Life be joining us at a new table to dine? Special seat prepared just so. At the head of the table every time, no other rightful place to be. For no higher honoured quest than this young Life now, to be found.

Acknowledged in the new today, that the exploration, discovery and freedom for this new Life more important than all else. So for the young the red carpet now needs to be laid.

For it will be the Freedom granted for this new Life to dance its way through this thing called Life. That will shape and mould the way, for all those yet to arrive, to our new future state.

And what of the playground now created for this new Life to explore now where Peace and Love abound. Where locks a thing of the past. Hatred, anger, deceit and lies all now gone.

Living in Balance with the needs of our home. Allowing all Life here to live together just as Nature willed it to be. Natural circles understood. Mankind, no longer the taker, from his home. Abundant, enjoyful, at Peace and in Love we will be.

The results of massive investment and sacrifice of today. Labelled “change” or a new way being demanded worldwide, by the growing many.

For in this new Life no boundary defined. Just a desire to explore the world, with wonder finding the eye at every turn.

At this time like no other of recent times, it is ours to provide this new Life with Life so abundant, a platform to leap forward from must be the result.

To stand now, to put down the fear and hate, to rise instead to create something new.

Upon which this young child and those millions just like him or her, can freely race forward with.

For, on that day, They’ll be taught about all those brave Souls who came before.

That laid the new foundation to return to Life the way it was actually supposed to be. Of that you can be sure.

For they will surely know it all in those days.

Without the burdens of today, entrapping, holding, binding them down.

But it is now that History is calling us to stand.

For if you don’t, nor I, exactly who will, do you think?

I can think of no greater reason, why indeed, we should.




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