Stop now from your busy Life if this little ode catches you just right.

Think for a moment all that has gone before you give you what you already have.

In the most simplest of ways, thought of parents or maybe grandparents spring forth.

Consider however that your grandparents would have had the same thoughts as you do now. Then theirs before them and theirs again. For you could go back beyond time to track all those it took for to be here right now.

Further then; think for a moment of all the separate families, not connected to yours directly. Those that had to be joined via marriage or relationship that had to interact in the line of your family for it to be yours.

All of it had to transpire for you just to take first breath.

Think also for a moment all the hard work and toil invested from folk all over the world. To give you your clothes the furniture you sit on and the bed in which you sleep. For everything in fact, today that you own.

For your ability to construct thought. For the freewill most of us take totally for granted. For the eyes that can see, the ears to hear with. The fingers and toes that help you move about and interact with this amazing place.

Perhaps just the gratitude held for the being here at all. The who of who you are.

Have you considered the Universe and our home Earth, inside of it. All it took for us to be here, with Life sustained like it is. Perfect on every account if thought held for a while.

Now be bold as you like.

Tell me all about your rights.

Why you are “entitled” to what is yours.

When considered thus, wasn’t this entire ride of Life, given to us all right from the very start? All of it, for not one part really was from us the making.

Your ability to work and earn money for the things you like. Whatever you have strived so hard for and achieved. All of this, your abilities, your environment even if shaped the way you like. A gift of experience and Life sustaining it all is.

All of this is a gift to you.

In which you have taken no part.

In this world of all it being entirely a gift to you and me, to be inside.

Think now, of the gratitude that should have swept over all of us.

Tell us all then from this place of thought, exactly what are your rights.

For shouldn’t indeed it be “our right” to take this gift, all of it, and make another’s Life better?

To return a gift in kind, to all those around us, including ourselves.

To be passed forward, to honour the gift given to us.

To be overwhelmed indeed with gratitude for the Life ours to experience and everything, just simply given to you, to make it all happen.

Or you can of course, ignore all this, and continue on with the busy Life.

For even that has been given to you.




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