Earth is Eden

The garden is big. Full of lush green grass, trees, light breezes warm on the face, the most perfect of meadows.

Sun in the high sky, completely the most beautiful of pictures.

For horizon to horizon it stretches the most delightful places over the next small hill and the next it continues.

For this is our home. This place of residence. All it wants for us is to enjoy, this amazing place, this place we call home.

It has offered everything it can, it holds nothing back. And we have asked much.

Scraped, dig, drilled, clogged up, dammed up, and polluted much, indeed we have, and much much more.

But through it all, all of our assaults, it just continues, continues to support us, regardless of how it is treated, at our hand.

Time however burns up, closer to disaster we ebb and ebb all too quick.

Our home is already under much strain and needs us now to start reversing what we are doing.

For not everything will remain as stable as it is, if we carry on. For the miracle that is our home, miracle indeed, but it can only be pushed so far. Eventually it will snap and fall if pushed too far.

The forests need to be reinstated quick smart, no chemicals used on any land. Back to clean water flowing in our rivers. Where Natural and ourselves can come and play again like we used too in times of old.

Oceans cleaned of all waste, more preventing immediately from going in. Directly to be done, needs be.

Fossil Fuels need to be turned down as quickly as possible. Just to help the air if nothing else.

Food has to be grown locally, global trading carefully carefully managed. Kept to a minimum.

Manufacturing production held to more planet friendly goals, rather than consumption.

Things that last, upgradable must be where we go.

Everything as eco-friendly at every turn our focus must be.

The most planet friendly species that has ever been, we must become.

For if anything needed right now, a new home needs to be created to allow those who come after us, a chance at survival at all.

For if we are paying any attention at all our home, this place we call earth has been screaming at us for such a long long time.

It’s time, we have to take our foot off, its neck.

For we only have but one.

Think about it.



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