The Whole of Us

The spirit, that of the inner man, smiling together the world is. In spite of all the troubles on the surface. Each and all us in celebration of this thing called Life, we are.

Journey’s underway much anticipation abounds, Young souls souring high, just enjoying having arrived.

Drinking in both the good and bad the soul cares not. For it is here to embrace all of it, of it all, it will.

For these stresses and strains carried on only the surface they are. For the souls here know they are perfectly safe.

When looked through the eyes of the soul right now. All we see are the nicest of smiles.

For they are all actually enjoying the ride. For it is this path, theirs, that they have decided to go through at this time.

Consider the bliss they enter when the head and heart wakes up. Comes to the understanding to understand the connection waiting there on the inside.

When the solo falls in Love with itself. Sometimes even making the same connection of Love to that special, special one.

When the Life that is here for such a short time. Honours the eternal Life held inside.

The two experiencing each other in the most perfect of ways. Often able to laugh and smile at all the silly mistakes made.

Coming together in that place of knowing, the perfection of who we are, everything around us and this place we call home.

Never forget to enjoy the ride and to dance through this thing we call Life.

Just perfect each of us are.


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