The becalmed sailor

becalmed sailor

Prepared for years, maybe even hand built the hull. Fitted out the interior just perfect the feel. Rigging oversized, ready for any unplanned event, over prepared might be the case.

Then that day the one pencilled on calendar from so long ago.

Departure arrives.

Finally free, as you gentle motor out, leaving safe harbour behind, so much adventure ahead. Full of adrenaline powering through the blood, heart pumping quickly, even if no else there to see.

Motor no longer required sails now set, direction set, perfectly being held.

On the first morn out from harbour departed, so calm the water so still the sky, as if not woken from the dreams of last night. For this is the heaven, the blissful experience for so long anticipated. No one around, just you on calm waters no other place rather be.

By day four however, frustration starts to take over. For no matter how perfect the environment around was and still is. Not good enough now, for now even the bliss starts to bore and depress.

Because it was for the adventure, the overcoming of the elements, if even not acknowledged to yourself, why you built what you did in the first place. If you were honest in the deep down.

For without the test of the large swells, those artic winds blowing across your bow for days without abating. When tide, current and conditions almost too much bitten off you feel you have. Now asking yourself the why of why you choose this path.

For it wasn’t for those nice summer days all your heart and soul went into to survive. It was the challenge of battling against the elements, holding true to your path, that was the light so attractive. Calling you in.

And so it is the same for all of us.

It is not until “my foundation” is tested, that I really start to encounter the lessons of surviving and thriving, living in Joy, throughout my Life. Enjoying the ride in spite all that might be thrown at me and learning day by day to overcome the weather sent to test me on those days.

For there is no learning, or not much at all, from sitting becalmed in your own Life.

Ignoring the gifts being provided for you to via the challenges that might come your way. For every calorie of energy vested into your vessel, all the rigging, and gear, means nothing on the calm days.

Not seeing the real value of when the cold wind comes and blows your way.

For it is through these experiences that our model of the world can be adjusted. When the art of your craft is tested.

How much will I take on board and learn from others?

When gear gets damaged, will I stop and listen to others around me who have already travelled that path? Those that can show how to remedy torn sails, or entirely replace winching systems if needed.

For it is only in the times of testing that, if you are open enough, that you’ll decide to rise above waves, swirls and winds, to take on the lessons presented by each one.

For how much will you really learn, if it is in the becalmed state you remain?

See the challenges of your Life, not through the eyes of calamity.

Rather look further inside for the lessons being shown to you in most perfect of ways.

How you trim your sails, how you hold the rudder fast, how flexible you remain ready to adapt to change through the lessons being revealed.

It is in these places, and through these challenges, that the ride of Life, the adventure of setting sail, truly begins.


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