Sand Castles

Sand castles

Built with all the tender loving care, most of my Life invested into building mine. It feels comfortable; it looks exactly as the shape and form held in the mind. Even if thought of this, hadn’t previously occurred.

Boundaries, walls and gates positioned perfectly where I felt they are needed. Defined by my experience, hurts and pains, Ego reinforced walls and ramparts, drawbridge in and ready to function at a moment’s notice. Just in case something arrives that warrants closing myself in, by way of response.

But at the end of all, if attention not paid, your castle also becomes also your prison.

Safe and secure your world is if you live and operate only from the basis of your sand castle. For it keeps you safe of any other possibility, interfering and destroying what has taken you most of your Life to build.

From it is from this foundation, “my fortress”, that I’ll; Love, lash out, defend my territory and attack someone with a view that “conflicts” with mine. Make new friendships, perhaps with those who share the view I have from my sandcastle, from theirs.

But at all times, I use mine to “Live” from, because it is “right” for me. And I’ll judge you from that basis. Mine is correct, yours doesn’t measure up to mine.

So incredibly powerful to be able to stand tall and safe, upon the foundation that is perfect for me. If only everyone else around me could see how correct mine is.

The Earth, our home, currently has 7.8 billion souls all doing their best to scratch out a life, each.

But each of these, just like you, are forming and carrying their own view (sandcastle) from which they are making decisions, trying to secure enough food to survive, and get on in the world, just like you.

That means 7.8 billion lives’ the same as you all carrying versions just as valid as yours, that they have formed, in exactly the same way you did yours.

Who would be able to hold one higher than another’s? When all of them are the response to the experiences felt, as Life plays out.

How dangerous then, considering yours to be “the correct one” above another’s? When all those around you carry a model just as valid, for them, as yours is for you.
It is from this foundation, arguments erupt.

We judge another to be crazy or less of a person because we haven’t invested the time to try to see the world from another’s perspective. Division pours out of us, just because our ears and hearts remain steadfastly secure behind the walls built, that experience has taught.

Why not instead, make deliberate decision to put down that which binds and holds down? Open to another’s view, rather than trying to prove error in thinking.

Might then I’ll be open to views and wisdom I would have previously discounted?

How robust our communities might be if we came together with a learning attitude rather than a “prove to me attitude”?

And in our example let’s also accept that once I depart, my model will be no more. That one which was above everyone else’s whilst I was here.

The tide that is Nature in this case will come to tear down everything thought important.

For the incoming tide of the ending of my Life, will indeed mean that even that which took me everything to create will be gently washed away.

How much of a trap then, might the case, by trying to hold steadfast to the castle you hold onto you?

Rather opening up to acknowledge that yours might just be and only be one amongst the billions here, just like mine.



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