The song of your Life

Born into a world, not sure of your feet under you, for a long time. Discovering every moment of every day, you are.

For you came to play your song.

To discover who you are and how to celebrate the Life you have been entrusted with.

The instrument at your disposal that of your Life and the freewill you carry to decide. To decide what in this Life will be your song. That tune which only you can play.

No limitation directly imposed, not directly. But bit by bit that of the chooses you get to make, narrower and narrower they become. If you’ll not careful you’ll not notice however subtly it arrives. How much this world doesn’t want you to discover the why, of why you are really here.

For off to school you’ll be marched. On time, tidy and ready programmed, each day little by little. Don’t stand out in the crowd. The courage to speak up to be judged perhaps, frowned upon at best. No instruction on how to listen, how to express and receive openly. No option explored for any other direction than into the work force for you, awaits.

More, just a little bit more, the game without option it seems, prepared so toxically before you. No other choice presented, nay not even mentioned, it ever was. Working hard, trying to keep from drowning, paying the bills, just to survive. Family arrives and so the destruction additionally of the “songs in Life” coming after you, no choice provided, nothing new awaits.

Just weeks, months years, giving it all away just to be the most intelligent species here. The only one on the planet that has to pay to live here, go figure.

This machine so well polished, invisible and silently it just keeps on doing what it was built to do. Consume all the Life it can without prejudice. All it does is consume the very Life you have been given, not more, not less.

All of this just distraction to keep you away from the Song of your Life. For what you were never taught, no one ever took the time to explain it all to you.

You are here to discover all you can about yourself, this world and who you are in it.

What makes you work? What is in the experiences rushing past you and what do they teach you, about yourself?

How do you live, without rights and law, but obligation to make this better for those coming after us all?

How do you discover your unique gifts? Because each of us can’t be here without them. It is for this reason that we came at all.

No one better or worse than any beside you. For that gentle word spoken as a gift to another, healing the heart. Just as valid as the most beautiful of Song, ever written.

Just yet to discover the magic that lies within you. As it does in all of us. Just been too busy kept. No blame in association, for all not understood, that theirs is not the only game in town.

Having now been consumed by this little ode, take some peaceful time to reflect.

What is it or those things you always wanted to try, to experience, to feel the right and perhaps wrongness of it all.

For this Song, the one that lies in wait for you to return from your busy Life.

This song is yours to play.

Invest the time to explore it all, all of it.

Let your Life become the witness of this Song, your song that has been stolen from you.

At least if nothing less, consider today, in the next moment or two.

To be brave enough to begin to tune into the Song of Life, that is you.

Put down the things others told you were important. Rise instead to heights not previously ascended, in the discovery of the Song of your Life, and who you are inside it.

Learn how to sing this song, the most perfect of all.

The Song that is your Life, the very reason you came here at all.


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