Emotions all of them are OK.

Emotions all of them are OK.

Happy and the fun ones, easy to be in. Sometimes the foundation of great memory. Always bring a warm smile to the face, they do.

Highlights, not less, as they feature in and throughout your Life.

Accepted as normal they are. All around comfortable we are. Maybe even a slight pinch of jealously when you aren’t part of.

Anger, frustration, perhaps temper perhaps on our scale. Through these, if Soul opened just right, places of much learning presents. For as is often the case we look back and think of regret. Wishing we hadn’t done or said what we did. Promises of doing better next time.

Our society, this mess created to confuse and cause isolation, expected those outcomes are. Tolerated, looked the other away, unless we cross some imagined line somewhere.

But careful if you journey thus. For the carrying of such load for extended time, can indeed bring with it, final result.

Deeper still rejection, grief, isolation, fears, never good enough, feeling misunderstood, depression. These dangerous places our emotions can take us, if not attention paid.

For unless the tools known and brought with you to deal with such things, quicksand can be the result. Spiralling down, no light now getting in. The places denied, where others run from so quickly in denial, they flee. Just so they can have plausible deniability inside themselves. To be safely distanced so.

For educated we are not in knowing how to help another found to be drowning so. Or even how to reach out honestly, if it is you that is sinking.

But in these dark places, make sure your experience short. For toxic the result with much energy of impact felt all over the places if stepping not carefully you are.

Yet if looked at, slight squint in the eye, all of these emotions, the same they all are.

Rather it is us that weighs down or lifts up the energy of such things.

As they arrive into our lives or from us from somewhere deep inside.

For Life presents us with experiences every day. Into which we weave our emotional imprint. It is us that takes with us, the blame, just and easy as the laughter, indeed we do.

Our choice inside this amazing journey called Life, truly a miracle it is.

For we can decide to see ourselves travelling through Life, in third party traveller mode. Taking on all these experience’s as observer, it’s worth giving it a try.

For you might figure out why you do the things you do, or how you feel about yourself. Rather than being consumed by them. When the emotions coming more often, all the time, that of Joy and pleasure as the lessons presented and learning taken on board.

So care for each other we must take.

For as experience has come your, perhaps at times far from comfortable or happy. Maybe in places way you may have found yourself in places you, at the time rather not. It is only through these, the experiences and emotions we have carried and learnt through, that we can pick each other up.

For it is us, that have experienced and overcome much. That can start to bring all those good old days back.

As we together now strive for a place of much Joy and Love and support for each other. Than all this mess we create today.

It is through these emotions we can help others around us, in reaching back and giving a hand. Creating better memories for those listening in, those in need.

Reteach ourselves how to laugh and play again, we must. How to support each other in times of need. Compulsory, no discussion required.

How to focus on the happy emotions rather than the sad.

For we were never supposed to live in lives this hard. We just need to work it out, together, that’s all.

Can you feel now, the emotion of that?  Take a moment please.

Of being in a place where emotion of Joy and laughter found rather than any other kind. Only good emotions of contentment, gratitude and support normal in this time. Almost without darkness, so good.

Maybe this little ode might make you smile, when you look back then, having read this.

For emotions all of them are OK.

If only we’d focus on the better ones, and help each other to do the same.

Oh, and if this little ode indeed brought with it for you, a new pleasure emotion. That would be just great, wouldn’t it.


Pathways to Resonance.

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