People, help the people.

People help the people

Forgotten those words are compassion, caring, support, assistance, kindness and many causalities of this war beside.

Replaced instead with mine, isolation, division, much hunger, pain and suffering, “my rights” before all else.

For as all of time makes known. There have always been those “on top” enjoying the illusion of power they have. Whilst Life for the masses a struggle. Much stress anxiety and suffering the result.

Young or old, it matters not.

Forgotten the Kindness of man we have allowed all to be taken from us. Mankind seems to have forgotten what it is just to be kind.

Yet perhaps the biggest illusion of all. That of the truth we would all rather deny, it seems, today.

There isn’t a single individual that hasn’t needed someone to talk too, at some time in their life.

To listen, with whole being committed. To just listening to the sorrows, the pains of another alongside. Who is sharing, just wants to put the heavy load carried, down.

All of us have needed someone to just be beside.

We need not law or regulation, no instruction manual required, no weeks of programming or training installed.

To just remember as your day reveals itself, to help the people in your Life. For many around suffer far worse than you today. Many of whom carry such burden, without any showing to the outside world at all.

In the sharing of time in compassion for anyone a contract struck where no one pays a cost. Both in fact benefit.

For the listener gets to feel empathy for the other.

Maybe even learns a few things about themselves and the environment around. For the giver, that someone respects them enough just to give space to be heard.

Something indeed rock solid Is built between the two, never to be shaken. From that moment in time spent together, not judging just holding compassion for another.

People, help the people.

When all it is we actually need do, is just listen. Take the time to care enough towards or for another, just to listen.

Our world, this world, our home.

If we replaced competition with cooperating, compassion and caring, towards each other.

Would be so vastly different, like oil is to water, compared to the world we fight and struggle in today.

People, help the people.

Maybe if we just tried to listen, for it doesn’t seem that hard, when consideration given.

For us to take the time to be there for someone else.

Who knows, if things work out, somebody will arrive, just when perfect the time. To listen to you and your hurts and pains, as kind deed repaid in full and more, always will.

People, help the people.

Go on, why don’t we all give it a try?



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