Beyond the scope of our senses today, but in the place we reside. There is magic.

Colour from outside of the blinkers that we believe are the end of the who, that we are. Yet so much more waiting to reveal itself. If only we could come to see the boundaries current, were just that of imagination made real, rather than of substance.

Hearing so limited as if a child. Not knowing there is more around than the noise we bathe in today. For with this noise, so much harder it will to go back. That of the heard and unheard all around entrapping us in a cage of noise. No chance, it seems, to return to Nature, to be free. But constantly hearing things that will take our breathe away, we will

Gone the reliance upon that which we touch and respond to. Rather to let go, to feel it all instead. For in this place we need not be in opposition to anything. Rather to understand the energy supporting us, holding everything up that we label, Life. Deeper and deeper we must be.

Life as we know it, such a limited scope given, programmed as understanding, all possibility. Likened to a single ray of light in comparison to the entire light of day before us, it is. If only the eyes to see.

For the Life, real Life, of this magical place is in every rock, boulder, cloud, wisp of wind.

Hue so beautiful no language at any time, could capture. Sounds, so sweet exquisite, not close.

Yet beyond the beyond, the boundary that artificially binds, more.

For beyond that our normal awaits.

Where that of connection understanding and belonging awaits.

Connection to each other, as natural as can be. Not in ways that confuse or cloud, but that of clarity and harmony. Put down all the technology will be. No longer required for we will do that bit naturally.

Connection to the animals and all living things, we will have. So we can look after each other’s needs, day by day. Rather than the destruction of today.

Life will be longer, hundreds of years and we won’t want to leave, ever again. For heaven will have returned to Earth again, as it waits today.

Marvellous things will be ours to explore. Beyond that of comprehension perhaps today.

Waking grateful for Life and looking forward to being in each day, each and every one to come, we will be. A real excitement a buzz about being alive, so close you can feel it now, if you try.

For beyond our limited view of “science”, where “things need be physical” to be believed. Oh, if only they knew, that the truth of this ode, that which rings true today.

Once balance and harmony starts to come back.

For our home is not separate from that which holds it up and nor are we from it. Rather, as we are connected to our home, if only we knew, our home is connected to its’. So on throughout our Universe, that which supports all, beyond all this. For nothing is indeed separated, not one atom or speck of light, is separate from anything. Everything alive with energy.

Connected beyond belief, everything is. The birds, the mountains, the rivers, the sky, the solar system, the seen and unseen. That which flows past from space it comes. That which our response creates added, thus.

Information, meaning, expression known instantly throughout the Universe. So connected it all is, beyond that of time, it exists.

For it is each civilisation, each species, that is held accountable for the result it creates. That of denial or embrace the ultimate challenge of Life. The truth given, believed or not.

Beyond that of the pain, the suffering, the cheating, the lies, the deceit, the greed, the rape.

Limitless the possibilities are.

Living in the now.

In your next decision your home awaits. In our next actions our fate, the same.

For we are truly limitless in the world we create, good or bad, it seems.

Turn from the noise of the world, turn from the hate and deceit. Turn from the usury of each other. Turn from the doubt, the hatred of self, the questioning of value or worth.

For our home is bleeding at our hand, as in turn we suffer, all of us, as a result.

Very conscious in these times we must be.

If we would just believe in ourselves and in the balance of the limitless around us and who we are.

All the time.

Limitless each of us are.

If we could only see, right?


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