There is nowhere else to go.

There is nowhere else to go.

Our experience of this place, is indeed and obviously could only be about and from this place in which we all reside. Good, bad, young or old all have the same place shared to call home.

Everything that comes at us comes from only this one place. For it can not possibly come from anywhere else.

In spite of how much, we as a species try to convince ourselves that we are the masters of this place, everything arrives to us from this environment. The more we move away from Nature in this delusional state, the more rough the ride.

Yet when considered all, there is no where else to go or be.

Our decision, whether passive or not, is therefore to try to embrace it all. Taking from it the parts that advance the who of who I am. Or to ignore it all and live dead to the world, that we are living in with no where else to go.

The main stream of it all is happy to keep us distracted. Without knowledge of the power of choice we have. To drift through the experience coming never to the point of understanding about this class room of advancement.

We scratch and fight ourselves some level of existence. Living it seems, be not at peace with all around.

But rather fighting against it, trying to take your “entitlements” from it. Without understanding that everything was already here so we could indeed experience it.

There is nowhere else to go.

There is only the choice to apply yourself or not. For the class room is set waiting for you to arrive.

For many, no hint of decision comes to mind. Just the distracted pressured living and coping enough.

Too busy or distracted to slow down enough to understand. For others, other choices and pathways are revealed.

In this place the only difference being that of applying yourself to your Life, or not.

But, there is nowhere else to go.

Why then are we seemingly moving further and further away from the Nature that is us?

Because, there is nowhere else to go.

There is only to be in it or to be alive in it.


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