Today might be enough

Today might be enough

Yesterday has gone, gone never to come again.

What you did in it now recorded as if in stone, for all time. Unchangeable no matter how deep the desire.

Tomorrow, what you suspect may indeed be true. But then equally it might not. But really you have no way in knowing that you might even arrive. Tomorrow at times seems so far off, without means to control. For sure it is.

Yet today, it’s today where the real action lays.

As your feet first hit the floor you have no way of knowing for sure, that you’ll even see its end. For you know not what might be around the bend.

With all the busyness to attend, the pressures of Life come rushing in. To get this done, to deliver on time. To be in the all the right places, to be seen wearing that. The kids to feed, the boss and those clients to keep fine.

Always short in time, today seems to be.

So short in fact that for many they just don’t understand. To actually be in Life on this day, should be enough, with gratitude that you are here at all.

No need to cram it so full that the entire point is missed.

You see today, today is all you have to be.

To be in your Life, to experience it from afar, as the observer would.

Learn to watch yourself as you travel through today.

See what motivates or might cause you to run away. Ask yourself why.

Work on yourself, for today is all you have. And you know not even, whether or not you’ll be there at days end.

Let your today be better than that just gone by. Be focused enough to try to apply, inside the day you are in now.

Let not a moment slip you by.

For it is in today that your Life is made. Your reactions, the lessons offered to be learnt, the simple beauty of the day, clouds in the sky. The Sun sustaining all life on this place we call home.

Maybe missed and maybe not.

One thing for sure is true.

Today is all you got, as it passes you by moment by moment, in this thing we call today. Knowing not, whether you’ll be here as the day gently turns to night.

Waste not a second of the time you have been given. Take none of it for granted, ever.

Learn to observe, to begin to understand why. Why we have forgotten to be in gratitude, just because you are here, should always be enough.

The rest is about Joy and learning if paying attention has become part of your game.


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