It doesn’t matter where I am

it doesnt matter where I am

Our Universe has us fully immersed inside. It’s Tree of Life doing what has been tasked at all levels. In the complexity and simplicity, just the way it operates.

Our math, the wisdom of all ages, from all corners throughout time, points to truth. But in isolation they are together, looked at from different angles, disregarding too many, the whole.

The keys that between one and thirteen, the resonance of all things crafted and held. Showing mere glimpse of the Tree of Life. From where everything comes.

The energy hemispheres, of comprehension, understanding, gravity, the very things that make this place, seen and unseen, what it is.

That of the future, created in the sublime interwoven way it all works.

Not good nor bad, just an amazing fabric of things before and beyond time. Including all that we physically touch, see, smell and know. All possibilities, possible, in these places, they are.

For never can anything be, exist or not, without the layers of the tree that makes them so.

That which beyond comprehension it is to know. Yet feel it all we can.

Open to the knowing beyond thought, the real gift given, if having let go, we remain. If we seek with open heart. Ready to look at ourselves.

Then there’s the view of the Tree of Life itself. For applied just right, you’ll see amazing sights. The magic of such a view, beauty doesn’t come close. Beyond words, a million times north of beautiful, all of this is.

And there, at perhaps the simplest layer to be experienced, we find ourselves. Just a part of the outcomes of flowing. For connected to that fabric we are. Everyone matters to the other.

For it doesn’t matter where I am.

All, all of everything it has taken to provide us with this place. For we are taking all of it and ourselves, far, far too for granted, right now.

This is the best we can be to ourselves and our home?

The time for restoration of much is arriving. We all run the risk of missing the boat if we don’t turn around, in the near now.

For it doesn’t matter where I am.

Just stop for a second and look about. Can you see all the destruction, the pain and suffering? The hate, the anger, the deceit. All of us are living here with some element of this, so very close.

Feel the depth of the pain and suffering inside.

For it doesn’t matter where I am.

But boy does it matter a lot in the present now. How we are treating ourselves, how we need to be taking better and better decisions before it is too late.

So, so much better we can all be. Than all this mess we call progress, today.

For it doesn’t matter where I am.

For when you get even slightest glimpse of how amazing this all is.

Here this place we call home and everyone upon it.

All it takes to keep this place what it is and all the interlocking of beyond comprehension, the beyond words to describe, fabric. That we call Tree of Life. How deep our gratitude would be.

For we can all, right now make this a better place. Each of us individually, as a collective whole.

For it doesn’t matter where I am.

Well, I think, it does.

For the light that is you, that which you carry, matters a lot.

In this place where indescribable beauty resides. Including you, whether you understand it or not.


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