How big the Universe. II

The Universe Part II

But wait for journeys end, even now not in sight. For another view of the miracle that is this place awaits the traveller if you are brave enough.

For the difference between the out, and the in, not possible to place boundary around. Endless, no division possible, no beginning or end. For it all just is.

As the expanse just as large, equally beautiful the view, when we go inside. Inside all it takes for you to be you and at the micro level how equally endless the view is.

So again please, quiet all down. Take the time not just to read, but to feel, deeply, this second little journey as we discover exactly how wonderful that of the small is.

Even just at the beginning, there you are standing on the sharp tip of the pin. Yet at this scale even this is flat for you now. So small already you have become. Gazing in wonder the view now held, all around. You Universal view now so small.

The distances involved between things, just at this basic level.

Understanding starts to arrive that it is all a matter of perception to see the world in different scale. Just wonderful this view is.

Smaller now again we venture on. Through the wall of just one of the trillions and trillions of cells that make you who you are. We start to arrive.

The impossibly complex, yet beautiful processes of this machine. For ever at this scale you could stay.

For indeed you are watching the very machine of Life doing its job. Keeping you alive, perhaps no thought previously given.

Right there in front of your eyes. Each part automatically knowing its place. In community together supporting you and your Life.

Its design and the automated way in which it works, nothing less than breath taking, can describe.

And yet our journey just beginning it is.

For beyond this size, venturing on, now at the level of the atom, we pause for a while.

For at this scale the distances from center to spinning energy so vast. As if light years of universe, have come into view. Mostly void, no substance of anything inbetween, appears to be the case.

But how does this all work? What forces in play to make all this possible? Questions of awareness begin to flood in. For what are the rules at this level that holds even just this up?

For you are watching, all that has physical form, in front of your eyes.

And still deeper we can go, for fractals have no beginning no end.

To that of wave forms, energy flows, perhaps that of most dense, we have arrived. Where what is chaos becomes not chaos. Out of nothing, the gap, everything arrives. Where all physical form lost.

Just energy, oceans and oceans of energy, swimming about.

Where the cosmic rays, cosmic energy arrive to us, all the time. No hint of barrier between physical form and energy understood at this level of your gaze. Just light and energy, doing what it does. Electric and bright everything is.

As is of course, that of the scale of the actual universe. For it works in just the same way.

But the amazing thing is with all of this, you see. All of it supported right across our Universe, even at this tiny of tiniest levels, in everything all around us, all of this ocean is. This energy of creation, doing what it always has. There is no void to be seen. Everything is just swimming, alive, full of colour, it all is.

That of frequency, balance, resonance and light is all there is to be seen.

And there right in the middle of this endless scale, you now return to back into your Life. Bringing, of course, some of the wonder, perhaps now experienced for the first time.

From everything you’ve experienced in previous article and now this. That which Love has made possible.

For all of it, just where it is, as a gift to you in this time. Just for you to drink it all in.

For no hand you had in any of this miracle of design. You just brought here to experience how breath takingly wonderful it all is.

And all this happens everywhere, in the everything that is you and all that you touch, see, feel, and hear, at all levels. In the space that is you, around you and when view held just right, throughout the entire Universe, it is happening everywhere all at the same time.

And there comes into center view, just how silly we all are to carry the fear we have been placed into today. The stress of the job, the mortgage, the debt, the hate, the anger, the destruction we inflict upon ourselves.

For all this means nought.

So why, why can’t we just come into a place? Where peace reigns and we just get to enjoy this thing called Life. Where we actually begin to look after our home.

For our enjoyment it was made just so.

Only it’s us that keep stuffing it all up.

For you are and everything around you has been given to you and us. No price paid.

Just to enjoy and drink in this experience we call Life.

Why can’t that just be enough?

Why can’t this be the new road, rather than the one we are on today?


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