How big the Universe.

how big the universe

Imagine for a moment please.

Quiet the world around you, go somewhere safe, perhaps cosy, for quite a story this is to share.

Just come slowly towards these words, for at this time nothing else matters.

Read the following words slowly then close your eyes and imagine.

There above the world, you find yourself. Smiling for your cast now upon a miracle.

Gentle, so slowly at the start, you start to drift further out. Really quickly leaving our own Universe.

Faster and faster you go, just a feeling of being incredibly safe. Like being held by the softest hands. So blissful when thought focus’s thus.

Yet faster and faster you go now. Other parts of the galaxy now coming into view, now also drifting past fast. The entire galaxy comes into view, over the shoulder on the left it arrives. As being pulled backwards you are.

Faster and faster even still another galaxy bright shining, for now there are two.

Faster and faster, galaxies by the handful impossible now to count.

Faster and faster still, Galaxies beyond infinity shining bright at you. Safe warm at all times gently held. As they twinkle above you head now. For rushing away you still are.

Without breath for the miracle of it all. It’s sublime beyond words when you look at it all right.

For never at this distance have you ever seen such a thing. The miracle of this entire place we call home and exactly how immense this entire creation is. This thing we call the Universe.

And for the first time it strikes you.

From where did I come? For this entire place has been created for us, for us to be in this miracle. For now you can deeply feel just how large all this miracle is, when you can see it at this resolution. Even just the distance, beyond belief.

As faster and faster you continue on and more and more again and it keeps arriving and arriving into view. For this is how amazing massive it all is.

Go on give it a go a few times, the scenery is amazing. I promise.

And when you are done.

See how pathetic all our arguments against each other truly are.

How stupid to be killing and harming each other in anyway.

The insanity of the destruction we have already inflicted, upon our home. When there are so many other ways in harmony with this place, that we could give a go, right.

For all this, this around us, there shouldn’t ever be any other feeling on this Earth we call home.

Other than gratitude, deep deep gratitude for it just being in the first place.

All of it. Our planet, the solar system the galaxy and those beyond. For without barrier all of it is.

Just look, look now do, how down right stupid we all are for living like this, here on this gift.

We should be living in this Love.

Not tearing us and the every home we live on, apart.


Pathways to Resonance

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