When considered all, of all the outcomes amongst the thousands we could have created, we had to choose this one.

For this, this mess of a place we are creating at such a rapid rate.

This has to stop. All of this we are doing right now to ourselves and each other.

For this was exactly the last place we were supposed to go, the last.

Where the consumption of resources, how quickly we are destroying our planet matters not as long as we looked good.

With built in failure designed into our goods to ensure the wheels of consumption continue to turn. Faster and faster they will.

Where over packaging everything, madness on display.

Where keeping “themselves safe from themselves” is to be made normal.

Deceit, what can I “make” from that guy? What can I take from her? So so close to the surface, just under the skin.

Where you pay with the highest price to be here, your Life, just to work, just to be alive.

The best we can do is cast our kids into the same hole. That deep forever deeper pit.

These and so many others, these are our best?, surly not.

Or was this the last place we were ever supposed to end up.

Yet here we are, on knifes’ most sharpest of edges. Without even seeing the blade supporting the weight. So thin the keenness of the blade is, so close to the edge we are.

For if we were to look back if even for split second would even see destruction we are causing at all levels as we live our lives. Perhaps horrified instead we should be. If only we had the eyes to see.

For now is the time to rise, to hold accountable, to different outcomes.

Where Nature and living in harmony, the best we can, becomes the target of the day.

Each day getting better and better.

Where creativity the focus well above the destruction.

Where culture celebrated, enjoyed all over a Peaceful Planet, no less for, which we should stride.

Where the value of a Life, isn’t how much money they or we make.

Where poverty gone, people thriving, carefully together.

Where one care more for another than themselves.

Where Empathy not hate what people strive towards.

Where the elderly are afforded the most royal of carpets.

Respect the knowledge handed down we must.

Where there are no shadows, dark places, in any corridor or secret room when any governs over us.

Where Peace has replaced War totally absolutely and for ever more.

Where we put considerable energy to figure out how to live a whole lot better together on this, our single home, together.

Where generosity, not greed, the focus applied.

Where Life’s main focus is obligation to others and not that of Law and Rule. For these two things will never take us forward. Not at least in a way that will leave us free to explore and discover who we really are.

This instance of reality, but one of the thousands, millions, we could be collectively choosing from.

If you, with fingers tapping, are waiting for it to arrive. This new place we need to discover, if nothing else just to leave this current one behind.

Then today begin to create that new world for yourself. Let it spill out into those around your family and friends.

For a place better than we have now …………

Can only come from you.

But make no mistake.

It is in your now, today, right in the next moment that decision is required.

But learn you must, how to apply yourself into your own Life.

By holding yourself accountable for better ways to be. Moment by moment as each new day unfolds.

For this, this current state we find ourselves in.

Just an outcome of the non application of our focus, not more.


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