The Magic Ride

Let not one moment of this magical ride we call Life slip past you today.

Rejoice, maybe it’s the entire purpose of it all, to come to the knowing to be grateful for each new breath. For all of it a gift, it truly is.

To come to that place of knowing that it becomes hard to contain the energy that is given, to let us take each breath as we ride the ride, called Life. Where the troubles and worries of world splash upon, but do not stick. Where the heart breaks for the knowing you carry, that you wish others around could see, share and experience. With the deep deep knowing that builds inside you.

Yours is the path of the warrior, to hold onto the most precious of precious gifts, whilst the madness of the world explodes around.

In time needed, still you will be, solid for those around you in need.

For it is to you that much knowing has been given.

Now to give a little piece of Love away, each time opportunity presents, as the need is revealed to you.

Knowing that even if you had to give it all away today to someone in need, all of it, to someone open to see the path. That upon waking, full measure returned would be the result, again.

For what you know now, the places you visit in your dreams, the world fully revealed you see, can never been taken away.

For this is, for a while at least, your home.

With all that is Life, the nature of it all, dancing before you, caressing you as you dance for your way through your journey, your Life.

In the most perfect of places be.

At home in your Life, as it was supposed to be, perfectly in each new day.


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