Lest we forget

lest we forget

How to be generous to each other.

How to inspire each other to be all we can be.

How to help another in need, or at least try.

How to imagination and move towards a better now than today’s version.

How to hold another close, who needs in that moment, your shoulder.

That War is murder on unimaginable scale. Nothing more, just murder multiplied.

That we can destroy just and easily as we can create.

That laughter is the best medicine.

That there is nothing wrong with being an individual.

That as you look around, everyone carries hurts and pains, just as you do.

That we all need to belong somewhere.

That a kind word can heal the world.

That silence need not be awkward.

That one person, just one, can change the world forever more. And you often do.

That kindness, the kindness of man, the humankind we are supposed to be. In your next decision can be found.

That fear need not hold us back.

That miracles happen each day if we pay enough attention to notice.

That these miracles can speak to you.

That we are all sharing the same home.

That we need to take far better care of it, for we have just one, only one.

That doing good will never ever go out of fashion.

For if we forget these things and many more besides, how will look at ourselves in the mirror.

That one day our kids are going to ask what role we played in these times.

What will, on that day, your answer be?

Lest we forget all these things and so many more.

Lest we forget.


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