The as human spirit begins to respond to the call.

It is easy to see there is much trying to suffocate and make toxic around us. Its intention, to be the consumer of what it is to be alive, to be human, to be us at the core. It wants to consume and control for all time, yet to come.

The us, the unbelievable us, buried so deep and programmed away. It is almost in the realm of magic, or miracle our real reality might seem to be, today.

Sophisticated and complex the planning invested to tear down and destroy.

Nothing more obvious, in plain sight, it all is. That view might seem all consuming, so complete already no way of escape might seem possible. So much pain, fear and isolation inflicted on us all, yet to come.

For everything is now an act of desperation designed to keep us down, small and controlled. To hide from us, the truth about who are and the power we hold. Yet history reveals nothing further from the truth could possibly be the case or close to outcome.

The weather is not the sky. The storms come and go, changing not the background. From the smallest of candle burns the most tiny of flame. Yet wildfire the result if left unchecked. The mightiest oak is born from the smallest seed. Yet it’s Life, the giver of so much life to the Nature influenced by the spread of its crown.

In this way now is the time of great wakening to the real spirit of us all. That which much energy is directed to snuff out, in these days.

Yet nonsense, the logic of trying to hold water in a sieve or believing even for a second that anyone can have that much influence over the Nature, the real Nature, we find ourselves now responding to.

For it is in these days that the spirit of man is rising. As we begin to remember the limitless boundary of who we are and all we can command. How powerful, how full of wonder, each individual is and you are.

This awareness cyclic in nature, before times of Yuga began. Beyond the realms of our knowing, beyond that of the finite brain.

So gently it has begun to arrive to us now. Easy to miss it’s gentle wind, the result.

Yet denied or not, try to hold us down, the spirit each now wakes into, impossible the task.

In these times candles in the dark begin to appear. Those that even in these early days are responding to the call, to illuminate the way, for others to find the path.

For those who are doing the work you must. Asking the questions without flinch when answer given, the work understood.

For these the light is given. So that they too will light up for others to follow them.

If you seek today, worry not about the future. For those who already hold the light will appear for you perfectly in time. For it is Natural that your call will be answered in ways beyond exquisite, beyond words to define.

The spirit of man is rising through these times of much turbulence in spite of all endeavours crush and hold down.

It is being invited to return, drawn to return, in the season coming now, to a place of ascension so full of beauty and Love, all words fall short.

If you know how to look, candles burning all around you now, the result.

More and more they’ll appear.

No force of man, no will of man, will ever stop this spirit of us, you and me, rising in these times.

Higher and higher our spirit climbs now.

Such splendour, such perfect creation to be reawoken, the music playing all around.

For now is that time.



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