Live not in time

Live not in time

Live not in time. But in moments, quietly.

For there is great fidelity, so beautifully over whelming when vision held transfixed, just right.

For as these moments flow past us moment by moment. In the definition we call Time.

As we journey through. Being aged exquisitely, as we move through.

Ours to decide to be consumed by the physical.

Wrapped up in greed, fear and doubt. Or not, of course. And decide we must, via conscious.

Whilst all the time, times screams at you to stop inside each moment of your Life.

To let very aspect of breath be drawn from the lungs.

When you come to see Life as a flow of moments for you to be in and experience.

To control outcomes of those coming towards you change, good or bad. For only binary is the choice.

When held just right, as if caught in a beautiful flow of energy. Time is rushing past you. As you indeed are held just so. Floating weightless. Able to see yourself.

As if suspended by the beam from torch light.

And having invested much, arrived at seeing the moments in the flow.

Each moment yours to see yourself through.

So deep inside you, your Soul can deeply feel it all. Purpose exquisitely meet.

Because at end of all, we are all here for such a brief time. Most travelling through the stresses, good times and bad, so fast that they never really know what it is to be present here.

Observing the ride from the outside, moment by moment, when slowed down enough, come to view.

The Love and opportunity presented to you to learn and take from the experience what you must.

Observer to all, we can be.

So, so perfect everything laid out before us all, if only we had the eyes to see. To see it all.

Let not, as you ride again this thing called Life, time catch you and sweep you away in its net. Let the moments come perfectly into view.

For it is in that moment that the miracle of it, able to see.

When each moment, each experience arrives as perfectly to you, as it is actually supposed to be.

Then Time will hold no more.


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