How the music plays

How the music plays

It comes, has come since before the beginning of time and will be around long after time has stopped. It comes as if the lines of music without notes.

See it’s the flow of energy we are all tapped into. That one that keeps this place together and happening. It’s in the background, but it’s the very essence that holds all this together.

Powerful beyond words yet, so amazing beautiful when you come into knowing it. From a stream of Love the power comes. Just “present“ in your Life, it always is.

Just like the noteless template is blank, nothing in the before composer comes to capture his heart in music. To write the music he feels to capture from the ether. And all the other ways we take all this for granted.

But still flows, perfect beyond words. Blank, full of endless possibilities, moment by next moment.

Occasionally notes start to arrive in the bass. The highlights of great experience, or the pits of suffering, sometimes endured.
These are the things that Life delivers to our door from outside and all around us. For almost everything in Life is delivered to you thus.

But what point this notation if Life is out control?

Well perhaps consider this.

What happens of the entire Treble part. You know the place where you get to react to these experiences and write the music of your own life. For when gifted presence here, all us given freewill to decide about every reaction I throw out from me in response.

Left hand in the lower keys, see before. Feeling the notes in the lower keys as they arrive into your Life. Right hand in upper octaves recording the music you play.

The sharp pitched off key responses of hate, anger or bitterness.

Or the notes so beautiful, so in accord with deep understanding of Life. For we have figured out what it is for response to consume but rather controlled now to choose another path.

Where response is in accord with Nature and comes from deep understanding and Joy. For the purpose of being here, understood.

The pits and highs of uncontrollable Life, now controlled, the response is. Just wanting everyone to come into such incredible balance with themselves and to feel the Joy. But also understands what it is to trespass, to respect.

To play “how the music plays”, in perfect harmony with ourselves and everything around us.

Let the music you play, make you smile, when look back. To see all those notes you wrote, balanced perfectly or at times maybe not. Jarring and sharp your creation or that of perfect melody your response?

How you managed to dance your symphony as you travelled through Life.

Ponder thus.

Learn to enjoy this place.

For that is how the music plays and its our response that matters.


Pathways to Resonance

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