Together in celebration

Together in celebration

So much stress, breaking backs of the many, strain builds at this time. Destruction, greed, lies and deceit allowed to run unchecked.

War, Poverty, Pollution, Destruction, Murder seems man has perfected all this and more.

So, so far in denial seems, most no longer know how to turn back. Destruction sweeping many away to a foreign place. So cunning the deceit. So deep the intent.

Yet never story told.

Of how our planet with us upon it, is supposed to glow with the Joy of Life. As we fly together magically through this thing we call Space.

Joy from the planet, for with her we live in balance on day soon.

Glowing vibrant, overflowing with the energy from Life, that is the power of Life. Just glowing like the Jem it is supposed to be when glazed upon, from space. Magic, indeed.

Abundance, Love, Peace and advancement for all the orders of this day. Dancing, smiles, celebration, just as normal as walking, beautifully. On warm sunny day.

Such are the realities of view, those that know Life’s celebration, drawing it all closer now.

For the world of now is being forced to make way for a better knowing, sweeping across the planet, in these times.

Where our desires turned and focused on better outcomes for all, the all are.

Where we Live together everywhere in Peace.

So hard this current experience as those who know, now calling enough.

So nice, so creative, so supportive, communities currently being stood up at this time. Turning the soil with the spade. Revealing all forgotten, from long long ago. To where we must return to and start again, upon another road. One that doesn’t lead here.

For what they haven’t told you is, Life is actually supposed to fun, enjoyable and without stress.

Living well together, no blood shed, no destruction of our home. Where we live for the benefit of each other. Not our own selfish demise. Too shocking the view, if attempt made.

In celebration of this thing we call Life, really truly, we all need to be.

For from where were we given this gift of Life, when considered all? For no one here had a hand in making theirs. What false pride we carry with us today.

Brick by brick, stone by stone, the pathway we laid, that lead us here. Each tile now being removed. For this pathway is being torn apart, by those that know.

As they know enough that Isolation, hate, destruction are being cast aside and replaced with a foundation of Love. Where Life is celebrated, not rushed.

Where heavy toil of work and conscription, if still present, becomes a hearts’ desire to be, rather than load.

Brick by brick rather new world now being built. Where Love, support and community, has already come to replace much.

For this Life is suppose to be fun and actually enjoyed by us all.

We are supposed to feel connected, loved and supported to be all we can. The numbers that can see and there are plenty now, figuring all that out, for themselves.

Where we are actually Loving and are grateful for this place we call home. Where significant resource applied to Live better and better and more in balance with Nature. Not the reverse.

Rather now be together in celebration.

For this is indeed a time to dance ourselves back in another direction.

For we have figured out this one, enough explored it is. Too painful across the board, the result.

So much celebration to you, those who have already turned back.


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