The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift

In this nature electrical vibration and flowing energy the norm. All there is when truth seen.

We are part of this flow and yet have our own independence within it.

Somehow given the power of free will and choice. For these the most precious and powerful of gifts.

It is through these that we get to create our own flows of energy swarming twisting adding or removing from our position and power in the mother flow. We can create or destroy around us. The energy we create derived directly from who we are in each moment, what we are putting out.

If angry, in unbalance, hate, conducting deceit, loathing, jealously and others we are putting out negative destructive vibration.

If happy, honest, loving, caring, sharing, working on ourselves and be in the habit of lifting another up, our energy transmission is positive.

For in both ways we get paid back for our “gifts”. Negative goes out often negative in return the result. If positive joyous and happy, back tenfold the Joy is built, the gratitude becomes.

All this given from Love, everything tolerated good or bad accepted, in and from Love, to allow the experience of the knowing.

The deepest most precious of all, our choice.

We will spend a life or many, in hate or choose instead to take the road of Love. In reflection of the breathtaking beauty of the Love that allows all to happen, regardless of cost.

Much investment required to decide to run towards the Light.

For as the light increases many inconsistencies revealed. Each requiring acknowledgement, the labour of the working through, the putting down. Humility arrives, broken hearts often the result.

For much more knowing is delivered, but more pain felt. The path drawing more narrow before. But oh the Love known, more fine than the finest finest wine.

Anger, hate, deceit in contrast, easy is the road, no thought required. No reflection to see, destruction the result. Light turned off.

Be careful to walk with intent as you go.

You are the God of your own world.

Your choices actions and intention affects everyone around you.

The energy you create cares not, for it just is.

It is you the strikes the cast as you go. The vibration of action and thought spreading all around, good or bad, as you create.

Be sober in your journey, make the choices where the honour is found for you and those around.

Hold fast.


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