The Traveller Part II

The Traveller Part II

That which is revealed.

The suns warmth on the face. Felt perhaps millions of times before. Arriving now uniquely to talk to you and to touch your Life for real for the first time. That it, all of it, may touch your soul. For from this light is all you’ll ever need.

To come into the knowing that everything, both good and bad is perfect, just the way it is.

In spite of all, playing out magically now before your eyes. The knowing arrives that the harmony around continues with such grace. To marvel doesn’t come close.

To know, really know Joy. That which deep inside you, that which is Life in celebration all around, that you now might see. Now seeing it everywhere regardless of what happening is occurring externally from the outside.

To have your breath pulled from the lungs, in the wonder of seeing your entire experience of Life.

The sublimeness of it all, you’ll hold in your hand. The broken heart it brings for those around, those walking asleep. The normal load now it has become.

The tidal waves that previously arrived, destroying you, washing you far out to sea the result. Now simply splash off, unable to make even a dent in the armour that now fits you so well. The construction process that of many years.

When the boundaries that held fast, can no longer been seen when glancing back.

To have revealed the exquisiteness of flavour, the depth of colour. The sky’s blue without end. The grass’s green, too bright at times to hold. Even the glint from the train tracks or the grey of concrete, so cold, yet so strong. Seen now for the first time.

The noise of the grass, the pavement, the gravel under foot stands out. The playing of trying to move through all of this without making a sound or disturbing anything.

So perfect the place that you tread as if to leave no trance. The games to be played, to Joy to have, to be.

To really feel, perhaps now for the first time, the touch of another, at depths beyond words. The glint in the eyes, the warmth of the closeness, the power of the Love that can hold through all.

You’ll see the signs, with the knowing that knows where to look. The path more clear before you, the openness to change, when everything so nicely settled before.

You would now have it no other way because that is the way it is supposed to be. The harmony understood.

Recovery from might have previously killed or maimed. Now still smart, but blunt those arrows that come, finding no place in your armour to reside. Falling before you to the ground. For now you’ll have none of that.

To know that at all times, floating your way through Life, an experienced witness you have become.

To laugh and enjoy the ride as much as possible. The wonder refreshed each new day for you to ride in, exquisite in places the journey becomes.

To Love now at levels where words no longer hold purpose.

For these are the things experienced and so, so much more, to those brave enough to venture forth into the journey to their lives.

To master the observation required. To do your best for all those around you as opportunity presents.

For these are the stepping stones that will come your way.

If you decide the traveller to be.


Pathways to Resonance

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