To those that know – remember

To those that know – remember

There is much unstable as the sweep out of the old, begins to arrive. Much that was rock solid, now turns to vapour before the eyes. But you know what you do about the flow and change. For change is all it is. The only thing permanent you know to be true.

Let not you be consumed by the waves as they come. Learn to ride as a surfer does the swell. Which if investment already made, easy hopefully, that task maybe is already for you.

You know that which of course, the rock you stand. Your feet hold firmly now to the energy into which you are vested, roots taken hold.

Let not fear or doubt take from you, bit by bit, day by day, as mould does to the rotting tree.

For yours is the life of celebration, Joy and wonder. Light shining bright.

Take time to depart, to leave the world behind. Hold fast to that which recharges and forgives, even yourself. To that into which you can let go, to again remind that everything is the perfect, it has always been. And will be forever more beyond your days.

Find the comfort, the knowing again, that may have slipped from the grasp. For much pressure in these days, comes.

Re-strike the flame of gratitude for even being here to ride the ride and see all there is to discover. To become balanced enough to draw along side.

Hold the torches of wonder and awe for all that has been revealed. Let them light your path again as you have as you have journeyed thus far, through the illuminated steps revealed. For it was through those flames that the gem inside revealed.

As you allowed the sharp edges to fall away, so finely the stone polished for these days.

Tune in, hold fast to the vision of the future that has been disclosed. As the glimpses of our real nature, how we were supposed to be from the start, now on stage.

Know also that you are not alone.

For many, many stand today perfectly where they are supposed to be. As you have been called to stand where you are, in these times.

For know we do, that at all times this place is perfect and our place in it, also the same.

But remember please do to take the time, even more in these days. To gift yourself the time of recreation. For it is known by those that knowing, that it is us that muster the strength to receive even from ourselves.

It is us that must hold the Joy of Life close. To embrace Life for the perfect gift it is and not to shy away from the recharge so often required, in these times. To be welcoming to the arrival of the new, even through the descended fog as it has today.

Remember please, that you are here for the purpose of walking the path and being where needed for those around. For this, the agreement struck before time. But you need not carry the load.

Remember please to not allow yourself to be consumed. Rather know that you are not alone. Fully supported, shoulder to shoulder, others stand with you, with that knowing smile. The same on the inside you carry always with you.

Remember please to take the time to put all the bags down and be supported even more so in these days, by the knowing you have come to know, inside.

Remember please to smile and laugh whenever you can. For it is for the benefit of your own health and all those around, that you do.

Remember please to reread this ode of respect, for the things that you do. Whenever you need to come back home.

Also to hold onto your peace, your smile, the gift of who you are, for deep inside you know everything is even now just fine.

Hold the vision of this world without hint of this fog clouding the view.


Pathways To Resonance.

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