To comprehend your Life.

To comprehend your Life.

Life, the infinite array of spectrum’s of experience.

For Life delivers experiences to all.

They come every day, perhaps a million times over and over they can repeat. Waiting quietly there, the richness of your Life, waiting. Indeed in full spectrum they arrive. Depth so rich as to take the breath away, each one. Moment by moment, offered free.

To those, without the time, energy or focus, they slip by.

To come again perhaps, to present opportunity to understand, they might. Or perhaps only once in the Life to arrive. Maybe to provide insight of deeper and the deeper understanding they come. For those that begin to decide to step into the understanding. To begin to be honest with themselves.

So incredibly thin the line, smaller than the atom. The knife edge of possibly in each one. Never to go back the same. For then, for all time forward, understanding, comprehension, opening up the path. Or not as is the choice for all to discern.

Much assault levied against all today around. That of distraction, information overload, pollution of the mind.

To read, flick up, flick down, swipe left or right. All the practiced delivery, where comprehension most under attack.

For to see, read quickly and move on, not more than the distraction to rip you out of your Life. The very robbing of the time of your Life in each moment spent thus. By the cramming full of “stuff” the Life, the time of your Life, slips to the ground. As if sand between the fingers it runs.

So subtle, to not even be felt for the most part, not even aware. Day by day it goes, until your Life is spent.

Hold close to the heart, that of comprehension, that of the thought for the meaning of why.

Let not those around rob and cheat from the full rich experience waiting for you in each moment, as the experiences now stand out.

Put down the habits, taken today to be normal.

Read as if to understand, to “take it in” rather than to read and flick on. Look for the learning not the consumption.

Listen not to tell, but to take in. To explore your thinking rather than to tell.

Be clear in the mind about purpose and the direction of exploration.

Take back that of experience, comprehension and understanding, from those that have deliberate plan to rob you of your Life.

Practice that of patience, compassion and understanding towards others. Rather than to strike out in anger or to harm.

For others have hand their hands in the bag of jewels you were given as you arrived. Unless you now understand how to hold fast what you have left and take back what has been taken from you. Much risk of losing your life you are.

Take the time now to slow down. Read and reread what comes your way. Quality not quantity changes the game.

Relearn to comprehend, to truly take things inside. Take back the Life you are being distracted out of.

To watch for the moments to arrive and deeply see them for the experience each is.

To comprehend truly your way back into your Life.


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