My home in the wind

Blowing in the wind

Nature knows nothing of fixed or held fast.  It tries not to hold onto itself.  Rather it flows inside the miracle that this place provides it to exist at all.  For Nature is not the source it is the result, you see.

It dances to the tunes of old, before time.  Constantly caressing itself, changing to the constancy of change under which everything exists.

It ebbs and flows; changes form day by day to the winds that blow, waters that flow and the oceans that roar.

For that of my home, changing constantly in motion it is.  If the eyes can now see the truth.

That of weather and sky, deep movement under foot and temperature change.  All part of this miracle found here on this rock.  As we fly through our Universe, just perfectly.  Responding to and keeping us safe, from all the changes in space.

For this is my home, constantly constantly perfectly providing me a home.  Adjusting forming and reforming its most magical dance.

Into this swirling ball of change we enter.

To be taught constancy and all things need Law and definition.  Into the realms of madness this thinking goes.   For the more rigidity we attempt to hold onto the further and future into denial we go.

The further and further we drift away from the actual Law that holds us all up.

The further we forget who we really are.

Moving further towards madness we plunge.

For the only thing, in truth, is Change.  Change is the constant.

But where is your home then?, might be the ask.

Our home, where we belong the most is, when we start to look after our home rather than to destroy it as we do today.

Our home is when we put down all the stress, the chemicals, the toxins that today are killing us all at an alarming rate.

Our home is coming back to rest in the nature, Nature so perfectly provides us.  To learn its ways, and understand our part, for all the species and plants that also call this place home.

Our home knows not of value or worth, that of deceit and hatred.  Rather celebrating perfection is its path.

Our home can’t be found in power nor wealth.  Nor material possession, nor in perfect body shape.

Our home can be found when we put down all this bloody mess we have created and learn to live in balance, in harmony with the ebbs and flows around us.

For Change is indeed the only thing constant and it knows no limitation, nor restriction.  Nothing we could ever do, to try to hang on against it will ever matter

For if you want to find me and come home, I’ll be blowing in the wind.

For it is where we all belong.

Living as if not here in this most perfect of places.

Connected to Nature and what it needs us to know.

Doing our best to live in Balance, Peace and Harmony, with the change around us that is constant.

Learning, at times, incredibly slowly, to Live in the wind, in the Nature of this incredible place.



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