To the horizon now our attention must be fixed.

To the horizon now our attention must be fixed.

Everything firm now made unstable. What was solid before moves away if you turn to rely upon as you did yesterday.

For now we enter a time of much disruption.

For those that know now what they do have already set sail to shores yet to be identified.

But they know what they do and why now they need to travel. For the preparation for the journey, now well understood.

For they have been years in making their own safe anchorage already. Not knowing the final location of the port. But all the same, safe anchorage already readied.

For the waters before, much chop started already. With time, greater and greater the swells will rise. For this is the time that the old will be no more. So, so many storms about, drawing the very soul from those yet to understand.

Replaced instead with that of the un-imaginable new.

For now, to where are we sailing?

It is forward into the future. So bright that all else pushed into the shadows. From the distant horizon it charges into the current world, nothing else obvious.

The vessels used have the room for many. For each is in fact limitless, as the knowers’ know already. Perfect in capability to all those who come to know the journey. The task before now needed more than ever before.

But now for sure, the time for many to decide. To live or be lost the choice, if even not understood.

For is now the time of those who point the way, for others to follow or not.

Entry into each vessel a simply matter of choice, openness and desire. Staying on the path.

But make sure in these days a sailor you find. Ask and one will find, be assured. Else risk it all on black.

On what of what is on the other side?

The home that was always our path. Even if not known by the masses. For in this new place, Life as it is now, no more.

For this is the place where we get to remind ourselves of our true Nature. Where what we were in this time, that of distant memory.

When that of myth and legend will be true once more. Where unicorns will be real again and many other magical beings. Not that of new, but that of blind fold removed enabling sight to return.

Where balance, harmony, exploration, Love and The Dragon will the motivation, be.

Collective wellness the result.

But make no mistake please. Those storms building on the horizon, even if you haven’t seen them yet, are now circling close.

Those who sail today know the coming pressure. Sadly all too well.

They know already that there can be no other way than Love.

Turning around now, not an option.

The letting go necessary.

No fear welcome, remember.


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