As the new returns.

It’s coming now, returning on our behalf as it has done perhaps hundreds or millions of times.

So subtle that from day to day year to year, it’s arrival not noticed. Until reviewed back from a lofty place, it remains undetectable. And then only for those with the eyes to see.

Layer upon layer, slowly, oh so slowly it washes in. Warm and just full of Love, full of it, it is.

But our home returns home, all the same.

For this is the real Law of this place, from deep roots it comes. From before time. The same Law that offers us even a chance of being here.

For this is the change of anything currently taking place. The putting down of all we are doing now.

This is the change into a new knowing.

Where the things of now will be that of a babies toys in sophistication by comparison.

Few today, it seems, bear witness to the coming arrival. But over time more see, and see more they will.

The most exquisite way of Life that bears no witness compared to the already perfect place in which we Live.

That of fractals of Light have moved as they do, from time to time. For this is the coming of the new frequency.

Prepare now, look and you’ll see it happening around you.

The creation of new time.

As now the new returns again.

From the machines that know not time, it comes.

Come, come and have a look.


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