Shh sssh quite please.

Shh sssh quite please.

Let the new focus arrive to you.

If only for a moment please come inside. For before you most marvelous of experiences.

Breath, slow down the function required, be still inside. Take the time to clear your mind. For you need centered, right now, the place to be.

Read now these words literately slowly. Then more slowly again, read slowly these words. Feel yourself letting go of everything around you. Allow the vision presented find you. Maybe even lifting gently off the ground as natural as can be. Lightness be.
Not a care anyway to be found.

Feel the energy arrive to you, warm. Like the arrival of an old best friend. Just at home in it be.

Be here beside me and see what there is to be seen, slowly.

For if look around the corner of the future a bit, clear vision transfixes all attention.

For there more clear now is a world where mankind, the kindness of man, is living in balance and harmony with ourselves and the nature around us.

Taking not more than we need, and at every turn giving back.

Where “to profit from something” actually means doing good things, for ourselves and our home.

Where walls torn down and living together as mankind together, celebrating our differences, as one. To enjoy the sharing of cultures, without bad intent, rather than to strike,kill or maim, for differences sake only, when considered all.

Where those in need, have forgotten what it is to be so. Poverty, Hunger starvation now only taught in schools. For histories sake.

See it in the mind’s eye, coming towards you now.

Where wisdom is valued above all. Just stop now and think about that, what it feels like. The genuine open and honest contribution welcomed from everyone trying to give. To help each other up, if wanting someone is found.

Where Life is a celebration not a struggle. Where the things we eat are local and good for us.

The air clean, and an entire planets worth of rubbish and pollution tidied up.

The purpose of being here, being that to discover self and help each other out. Make our home a more perfect place for those coming after us.

Where crime and deceit hardly ever now get a mention.

Where we are just so bloody and deeply grateful for this gift of our home.

Everywhere inside the Universe, it calls home. Grateful most of all for each and every Life. Even to this place to enter into and actually enjoy our home, to experience all of it deeply. Taken inside.

The miracle of this place and being here at all.

Hold now, to the feeling you have of being in that place.

Where the arts are returned for expressions sake, all of them, and held on high.

Where an individual’s contribution to anything was always gratefully received.

Where self-discovery the focus of much. Contribution to advance others,trying to live better and better with this beautiful abundant Nature that supports us. Taken for granted in these days, no it is not.

For this is going to be what it feels like, out there just around future’s corner.

Let it still while you a while. Take your time. Sit back relax now and drink what all that would feel like. To wake each day to that. Enjoy it now, and come back to read on, when you’re done.

In those days they’ll be teaching kids genuine things like; what it was like now and how those in the know, the real know about the future, steered those around them to a better place. And the fact that Life is a gift that you know not when, it might end. So you might as well pack as much Life into your Life as you could possibly squeeze in.

Where we have woken up to ourselves and stop killing each other.

Have put down all the hatred and destruction we are all doing to our home.

But where is this place, I can’t see now in this place?

Look there, it is right in front of you now.

The very real foundation stone of all this world is built on, in the future, you see.

Is in your next decision to Love and support rather than to hurt or deceive. To give out and contribute more than you take in. When obligations are first thought, rather than “my rights”, at the fore.

For if each individual, sharing this single home, started today to contribute rather than to take.

This beautiful world vision clear, would be as right around in the future. As right around, probably as when sun up breaks on morrow’s morn.

For if you individually and us collectively together to work together in this way. Wouldn’t take until sunrise for this entire place to be amazingly changed?

So this new world close, you can feel it now. Cause it’s right there in your next encounter with anything living that arrives into your world. Right there in your response.

Am I giving out light, making others’ lives richer and better, holding them up. Or am I only sharing that of darkness, expecting others to understand me, ignoring the cost paid.

So you can return again to the warm feeling inside, so easy, quick smart.

It will return immediately once you make choice to contribute each time to those around you and as you start to take care of our home. Rather than to take and lock down.

You as a key player, sharing with each other. Supportive and caring, truly caring for each other.

For this world, this new world seen maybe for the first time today.

Begins to reveal itself, right before your eyes.

When you begin to see folks blessing you in the same way you want for them. When positive contribution to anything is made.

So as you decide to venture forth, as might other readers of this ode. To choose in next moment, right before wrong. To give rather than to take.

This new world felt today, will be just around our collective corner together, I promise you.

And as you snap back out of our experience together. Back into the experience of now, rather than the future. As cold and hard as light of day can be, at times.

Remember to take with you that little fire, that warmth inside. To be accepted by those around you openly, without shadow and deceit and being able to bless them right back. Or just feel it in the feeling when someone was last genuinely kind to you.

And take that with you instead.

Pay it forward tenfold and see what that feels like.


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