Let not the Wondrous Joyous times slip by

Let not the Wondrous Joyous times slip by

Life, there can never be a middle path. For as much as we might try to avoid, “experience” still comes close.

Sometimes the highs so high that for a period, even breathing difficult, in the most delightful way. Those that dwarf even the highest. Those that, when looking back, stand with so, so much depth, so much celebration and delight. To consider giving them away to another, beyond price.

All of them beyond price.

As if yesterday so easy the recall. Easily captured again in the feelings, the emotions, the players, the smells, the magic when back the mind goes.

At others, the lowest of troughs to experience and somehow find your way through. Day by day, piece by piece until the hurt and pain subside, gently over time. As is the way, with such things we are called to endure. Perhaps sometimes even, with heart in pieces on the floor.

But if held so just, with the light revealing all, even these endurance times can be seen as a gift. That which makes us what we are, in the now. The path Life has had us walk, the positive and the negative.

For Life doesn’t know good nor bad. The ups and the downs.

It knows nothing of pain, joy, suffering or what it is to be healed. It merrily just does what it does.

It presents to us just experiences. The highs and lows so that we might work out our response to each as we travel. So we might stand and embrace all. Equally, the good and the bad, as gifts in which, this place excels.

It knows where we need to be, what we need to work through. If even we need to circle back to the lessons we weren’t ready for before. But now find ourselves challenged again, just so we may, this time, step through to embrace it all.

Lucky you are indeed, if, when quiet moment opportunity presents, you look back with the wryest of smiles. To see those high times and low’s and have arrived to a place of knowing, where you can celebrate it all. In the knowing that these are the things that have made you the who, of the who you are today.

For we are free, so so free, in this Life. That no man, no Law, no rule can take from us this experience, all of it, the good and that we might label as bad.

To love, friendship and mate-ship, I raise now my glass to you.

May I never forget that, no matter what all of this journey was laid out in the most perfect of ways, for me.

Mine is the freedom of response. To allow it to consume or instead to overcome and push through.

May you never shy away from the contrasts as they come your way. For if looked at in the most perfect of ways, all of this ride called Life, is a Joyous, Wondrous thing. For sure it all is.

Let us today, hold in the most highest of honours, this gift we are all given. This wondrous Joyous thing called Life.

Hold on, indeed, hold on tight to the Joyous and wondrous of times. For your memory of them never out of reach. Learn, if brave enough also, to see the rest for the gift they all are.

For it is for us, individually and collectively, that it has been laid before. To enjoy and respond as we see fit.

Let the Wonder and Joy of this place, the entire ride, take hold.

For now, as has always been the case, we are free.


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