Oh wouldn’t that be nice.

Wouldn't that be nice

Energy, different frequencies of Energy we are bathed in them. They arrive from other galaxies, or the person sitting beside you on the bus. They even come from you, when you are happy or sad, or not.

The colours of these energies all around us in a spin are beyond words. Warming almost alive they are, if you know how to tune in.

Well inside our capability of Life, who we really were all long. Just managed to kinda fall asleep for a while it seems.

For as some of the width of our real Nature, just another small part. That we forgot.

As these energies Dance, alive to Earths rhythm it seems. You can feel the healing in them as they race through your body. Perfect synchronized, nothing where isn’t supposed to be, including you.

Here in this moment feeling all this.

Light of all colours now pouring out your skin. Being poured on the head only to boom out of every aspect that is you. You can feel the healing for sure. But oh the Love.

The Love in these energies, sometimes no need of breath for hours it seems. For you in this space this level of time, beyond worlds of any language here on Earth to describe. For this the feeling of being complete, accepted, caressed, held and Loved.

Exquisite well beyond that, this is.

For all of this comes from places, where gratitude not even close. Beyond our limited understanding, our finite mind.

So strong this feeling of experience described above. That if you go inside right now and give it ago. Tell me then you have closed your eyes and can imagine incredible Love energy around and through you. And just feeling so incredibly nice, all of a sudden.

Like the magicians do sometimes, suspended above the stage floor. Without cable or rope around. Just suspended in these multi-coloured wisps of energy pouring through. Like the mightiest of rivers, that sort of volume. Just pouring through you, out every pore.

Love, energy, weightless, Loved. That is just part of your heritage. All the warmth of those colours, gently going through you.

Go on give it a go maybe a few times if first time the spark not felt. Trust Nature, it is there and you’ll find it. It waits now for all of us to remember again.

If you try.

Oh wouldn’t that be nice.

Put down all this destruction, hatred, fraud, poverty, hunger, and ,murder we have gotten so, so good at.

And begin now to forget all the nonsense and begin again now, as has happened in the past. We start to remember we can experience and go to places like this.

Oh wouldn’t that be nice.

When we start another day that we start to build, by focused decision required.

We start to make better and better care of ourselves, those around us, and this place we call home. Moment by moment as opportunity presents. In tomorrow as it tries again.

So we could spend our lives floating in coloured frequencies of energy.

For as long as you like.

Oh wouldn’t that be nice.


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