I want to feel good.

I want to feel good small

Pause with me for just a moment or two. For magic little journey we take now together.

Come quietly now with me. Take the time to slow down the world about you and leave it all behind. As long as you need. For only you are really present should you venture on.

Now consider this as a little view, a feeling if you like, of what we could be, I try now to paint.

Upon waking that time between being fully awake and a sleep you are. Feeling the warmth under the covers. The support of the pillow, nothing more perfect, could be.

There, there you are with that little smile starting to arrive. For this is the start of a brand new day, and you are excited to be in it. Before really you are even in it. That little smile, oh so nice.

For if you focus now on feeling it. It’s already inside you just waiting for you to come into the awakeness you need.

For in this world, the one you experience as more open your eyes to fully open gently they are. The more happy you are find yourself, there stretching gently to your favourite music. Or quietly just in wonder of being there, there in that marvellous place. As you glaze outside, sun rising, warming, bringing light.

For into a world that knows not of war, hatred, murder, poverty or crime, you rise today. The period where we have figured out how to live in peace together. Whilst respecting culture of course.

Where all manner of technology is applied to make our footprint upon our home as light as possible. Where machines are tasked with doing everything we need, as gracefully and gently as possible.

Rather than us working for machines.

Where acceptance, exploration, the arts, and being the Kindness of man, we just forgot for a while, to be.

Everything that were hurting us, now removed.

The wireless networks, the plastics, the chemicals, even the essence of electricity has been put down. For we have tuned into how the Universe around us really operates. The energy needs of this time, as if by magic, the power created. More than could ever be used.
In this world you aren’t pushed into career, stress and worry.

Rather experience, exploration, celebration, just because we are here to experience all this place is. To actually enjoy the feeling of being alive, bubbling up now inside you. Holding the gratitude for this Earth which we all live, and everything that holds it up.

Life no longer a struggle. A real deep pleasure inside you now, the feeling of seeing such a wonderful way to Live. If really quiet and pause here for a while, you’ll feel it coming from and being all around you, promise. The deep gratitude you hold just to be given this gift called Life and the experience of it all.

Try it, before you venture now. For end of story close now.

Each day, just so grateful to be in. Fun, excitement, laughter and Love surround us all.

And our real focus to study the Nature that makes all this possible.

So we can work with it better and better. Leaving the next generation to advance the care of ourselves and home, more and more. Greater and greater the celebration will be.

And where, where is world you with fancy words, paint?

So easy, hidden in plain sight it always was.

We walk closer to this world, new direction now sought, when we individually we start to look after ourselves and our home.

Smile, say hello next time friendly face scene. Pick up the rubbish around our home. Out on the streets and see how much better and brighter the place looks.

Open the doors of you home, build community around you. Take the time to care, really care for each other.

For each of us are worth nothing less.

Listen to the world around. It wills speak clearly for you. If you tune in.

Too far away entire picture, you might be thinking, is.

And to you, as gently as possible it needs to be said.

A journey starts with the next step. But require it, it does.

To begin to walk, to journey in a direction now, that takes us away from all this mess.

One step at a time, for all things possible if mind is made up.

I want to feel good. This good, where Life is a celebration.

Not the slavery we have subscribed ourselves to, today.

I want to feel good. And nothing wrong with the thought of having you all beside me enjoying it, in just same way.

This marvellous new world that comes closer in our next decision.

I want to feel good, with you, right beside me.

If you stay quiet now and go back inside. You can even feel that feeling of being connected perfectly in energy, with each other.

For even these words, just these words, can touch the soul. If you listen to the tune as it plays.

Take the time to feel it, where we all just feel good, all the time.

Indulgence, isn’t a crime. Let it guide your choice.


Pathways to Resonance.

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