Do you mind if I ask?

Do you mind if I ask?

For I really don’t care whether the Earth is flat or round. For it changes nought. Foot steps on the moon, not one thought, do I give.

Children are dying by the thousands each day. Millions and millions of them, who for whatever reason couldn’t afford to pay.

We are laying now, vast landscapes toxic. So we can make more and more single use “everything”, we are told we need to use. A lie not more, just a lie it is.

Our kids are committing suicide more and more. No place called “home”, can they find.

How we use and pollute everything around us, including the “waves” we have flooded this place with. The “everything” that constantly causes more and more deaths and vast numbers of those diseased, by this toxic mess of all the RF and EMF nonsense. Literally killing us, all the time, twenty four seven, more and more.
Our oceans, breaking point surly not far away. The place where more than two thirds of our oxygen comes from. For the Earth we live on is basically an ocean planet. Where land occasionally gets in the way.

How perfectly we create killing machines. One of the biggest industries globally in fact. All perfecting better and better ways to kill each other and us. Trillions move around slaughtering each day. Just perfect, the entire machine of war, has been designed.

How much of our home we are spraying, poisoning and destroying our lands. Only to have it foul and destroy all our water ways. Not caring, all those chemicals kill everything they touch. Fresh and salt makes no difference.

The insane human price of Life being paid to make all those things, we think nothing about, when we purchase and keep demand up.

Those killing themselves in stress of career. For the machine of consumption and industrialisation cares not. But it seems, keeping it running and all costs the only way. Insanity falls short of capturing it, really. Far beyond it is.

We have been seduced by greed, learning how to stomp or kill each other. Before giving anything else a go.

For the most part Life here on Earth has become one of great struggle, pain and suffering. Comfortable slavery for the lucky ones is all it all really offers. Death and poverty for those that can’t afford to pay, awaits.

But it need not be that way at all.

Oh and we almost forgot.

Now, do you mind if I ask?

Given all the killing, hatred, isolation, consumption, fear, disease, destruction, madness we are doing to each other and worse inflicting upon our home. The only one we got, the only one.

Do you mind if I ask, please?

Next time your Life offers opportunity to help someone in need. Who might just arrive into your focus, if only briefly. That give without hooks or expectation of return.

The next time someone seems to just need a smile, you decide to give. Holding the eye maybe for a moment or two.

That you pay attention to how you Live. Trying to keep your footprints upon our home as light as possible.

Would you mind please that I ask you to take in that split second that decision needs to be taken or not. For both are choice even if not aware, you might be. That you choose to help, rather than ignore.

Can I ask please?

That you make a conscious decision that is better for someone else. Rather than think of yourself first.

That you try to make what you have last longer, much longer than built in failure defined.

That instead of locking your door. Rather, get to know those around you in your local community.

That you decide when next moment presented thus, that you choose Love, just Love not more, rather than to strike out.

And why, why does this question arrive to all. Laid at everyone’s feet, individually. For one of the greatest gifts ever given to each of us, is choice.

Why, why do you ask me these questions now?

So simple and beautiful, answer is.

Because we can, each of us, help us all to make this place we share together, better. If we are conscious enough to decide, we can, you and me, to start now to live better together and stop destroying our home.

Perhaps the greatest Lie never told is, perhaps that’s why we all might be here. Actually to learn to Love ourselves and to look after our home. To put down all this nonsense.

At end of all, all asked of you, is start making better conscious decisions as you go about your Life.

And right now we really need to try.

And what a song would all this change create.



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