Overwhelmed by it all

Overwhelmed by it all

Blissful immersion in that which words cannot describe. For beyond anything beautiful or exquisite it is.

To watch and feel another’s light going on. You know when they start to ask that little simple question, why?

For it is at that precise moment in this exquisite thing we call time. That exact tic of the clock that the Life forever changed. No chance of holding onto to normal now to ever be held ever again.

For cracks in the veneer that have held down, held back, happens in that split moment of time. And freedom into remembering who you are begins. For the weakness can now never be repaired and will ultimately and always leads to complete failure of the boundaries around.

Your perfect light begins in that instance to glow, as if struck by a flame. You are able to begin seeing yourself for real in that exquisite moment of time given.

There, right then, the flame strikes for the first time.

Over time much work vested, as the requests and directions to do so, paid attention you have. The work now in what you needed to know now understood. Led perfectly to prepared you for your path. Yours to walk, when ready.

It is now that new views begin to present. Things not noticed before begin to pop out. As if asking for just your attention.

So strong the new views arriving to you, since that day.

But slowly as all starts must be, very careful not to drown and overwhelm.

Colours start appearing, not noticed before, always there, new awareness begins. Scenes come and go like they are “showing up” just for your eyes to see. So gentle the reveal.

A kind of knowing starts to gently arrive. Warm, safe, comfortable, like the return of a deep soul friend, absent for too long. Maybe trying to be a better person, day by day, has taken hold.

Through the hands of the most exquisite painter you begin to paint your own life for the first time. So natural it is.

But as travel and work maintained, maybe even sped up, your knowing goes even deeper.

To that of the energy around you, you might become aware.

When the first glimpses of the Love it takes to hold this place, perfectly here, for us, comes into view.

That of resonance and the gentleness of the flow around us all, felt wrapping its arms around you.

Like that of many journeys, often to find yourself right back at that start. But now seeing it all, feeling it all, each new day, the absolute bliss of being alive, starts to arrive.

You can live now in a very special world where to see, to touch,, to smell, to caress, to hug, to wave, to smile and know why.

Has you on the edge of your seat each new day.

But within, part heart broken. For it is to you this landscape revealed. Sad that so many don’t want to hear how close Heaven is.

But the scene you can hold now, that of the perfection that this magical perfect place is. This place we call home.

For you know you know nothing at all and you know that that is the way it is actually supposed to be. You are able to put that much down. That much work done. And just reside in your special place, where the warmth inside is.

No space for anything else than Love, now held. The Love pouring from your connected home, through you towards everyone and everything around. Oh, if only they knew.

On some days effort now applied to not be overwhelmed by the magical, beyond exquisite, beyond mere words to contain.

This place and the experience of it all, you are in.

The closeness, the fellowship, the returning home, the opening up.

That has been the depth and width of your journey. Stripping everything that held you back, away. If only everyone asked themselves that simply ever so basic question, why?

Because you know you can only hold onto fleeting glimpses Life is on the other side, of this madness. So beautiful, fun, exciting and vibrant Life is for those that are going to here to see it. So close at times, but still so far it seems.

So, “overwhelmed by it all”, we would all be. Living together in harmony. Living at peace with and within ourselves.

If only those first struck flames where arriving more, right? But even that you know is happening perfectly as it should be.

So, “overwhelmed by it all”, we could all be.

To ride this journey, this magical thing we call Life.

It’s there just waiting for you to ask yourself why, when you are ready to start. It is actually what Life is really about.

So, “overwhelmed by it all”, we could all be.


Pathways to Resonance.

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