Just a small change in focus, all required.

Just a small change in focus, all required.

Maybe not everyone held up given accolade. Just the elite few it seems, did we get that right?

But maybe in this notion we miss the entire point.

For those that get held up, nothing further from the truth could be. For, for the most part what is presented are those that hold only onto money and greed. Driven by Lust and the need for more power, most are.

Like it is almost real in some way.

When nothing further from the truth, could ever be.

For it’s all a show that has been carefully, cleverly crafted. To keep sports upon high, holding up this personality or that. The news presenters that need “presenting”. Just showmen, nothing more.

Our values, who we are, eroded, taken from us that much. For we have given it. Our view of who matters been bent that much from where it should be indeed focused.

When the perfection we each are, not revealed. Deliberately held just outside of thought.

For what happens to our view if we look back to the places even in our own lives overcoming huge unfair ordeals. Would we on that day celebrate those who saved themselves and came into deep awareness about their life.

Would we be forever grateful to those that keep the lights on, literally?

The rubbish collectors, the sewage workers, the street cleaners, the folks that look after our elderly, the maintenance crews. All those doing manner of endeavour to keep what we have operational. Good or toxic the result, for this ode irrelevant. Just what they all do more than enough to warrant highest accolade.

Or might instead rightly place those that make the food we all eat, upon the highest throne of all?

The farmers, the harvesters, the factory workers, the truck drivers.

All those who do what they do, so we can all eat.

And what of constructors worker, road maker, utilities worker and so, so many more?

For those the spot light on today, those we are distracted to give the energy of our attention to.

Would deliver nothing if lights weren’t on, camera wasn’t rolling, or mic wasn’t recording. Audience gone, we would all be. They would be there mute, the result. Standing alone, some not knowing what to do.

For you see, all it takes is a little change in focus to be delivered into a world of knowing. Knowing how ridiculous the current model is, how crazy we are. To give up so much energy and the very time of our lives. Just to watching the show.

For when attention change, a small change of focus all required, it is me and you that actually make this place what it is.

And it is those that actually give up their entire lives to literally keeping the lights on. Upon these shoulders should be placed the label, “super hero right here”, should read.

For it is those unseen, tucked away, quietly going about what they do.

Give it a try for a while and see what is revealed, when you do.

For much much deeper this story goes.

For mighty is the door, if it opens for you.


Pathways to Resonance

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