In our own way we are perfection

Prenote: Please read the main body paragraphs slowly. To allow the memories of these examples come to mind. If you rush the read, then you’ll waste your time. It is about you bringing back into your conscious state, things, that only you know
In our own way we are perfection

Have you ever seen your own perfection, wonders I?

For time needed to tell a little story between you and I. For when you learn to look at the world just right, it will only be perfection you see, reflected back into the eye.

Yet perfection impossible. What is this nonsense you speak of? No way could this be true!

Come pull up that stool, as stars twinkle above in the warm the night air.

Sit here by the fire to keep you glowing by that that warms your soul, deep inside. As you let even the perfection of the moment described thus, arrive to your mind.

Come let me paint you a picture with these words. For you need be gentle upon yourself as through these words you start to see. So you may stare there before you and begin slowly to see the perfection when I look at you, that I see.

For I know you have had some hard knocks that would have laid others flat. But not you, you’ve overcome enough already that you have lost count.

Even those times that may have sucked for a while. Drawn closer you did, to the light at the end of the tunnel and just carried on.

You’ve felt and overcome the pangs sometime of not fitting in. Where you have been pushed well outside comfortable. Only to come through just fine.

Perhaps even new friends made as a result, you have.

You’ve been brave enough already to push yourself through the tears of rejection and sometimes carrying great pain, for one reason or other.

Sometimes having cried your eyes out along the way, when quiet place permitted.

Yet here you are reading this, in spite of all that.

And how you remember those fantastic times and memories with family or friends. Or anything else that lifts the heart upon high. The perfection of you being in all those moments.

For in that memory you’ll see, you were one of the main actors of the play. And you played your part you did. And see how, even today, it still makes you smile. If you hold it just right and see it for what it was. The gift you gave on those days, the gift given back in spades, to you.

Learning to forgive yourself of things you know darkest secret doesn’t come close. When you have deeply regretted an action taken, if only now you could take back. Learning that often it is those who learn the most through the most painful forgiving of self. To be free as a bird on hot thermal day.

You’ve opened your heart once or twice also. Yet others never understood the hurt you carried sometimes, as a result. When you’ve been ridiculed for dropping your guard that once or twice. Yet smile hopefully you can, when you come to see that the others just wished they could be as open and honest as you role modelled.

How you have taken some real blows, as experience preferred not, have come your way. But somehow, over great time, sometimes the need. You picked yourself up and been brave enough to try to do better next time.

Which is in fact the entire purpose of this game.

How sometimes you’ve just done that which you really like. That special place, thing or experience held quietly, close to the heart. Because this, this is the gift you give yourself from time to time. Maybe in briefest of moments, for that can be plenty indeed.

Please stop now and consider quietly for yourself, all those moments that now make you smile. As they come rushing back into the mind.

Miracles upon miracles sometimes reveal themselves to you, as you have journeyed on, through your Life. Learning to ride the rough with the smooth.

For you have seen that with all given from the start. The legs, the arms, the mouth, the ears, the touch, eyes and the rest, that is the rest of you.

You have all needed to ride. Given perfectly for you to explore.

And how about the times you’ve understood what a gift it is to speak, convey feelings, concepts or ideas, or to listen. Like when you’ve spent time with friends to whom you needed to say nothing. Because you know they get you, just perfectly. No need to explain a thing.

And let’s not forget, for to do so now, dangerous indeed. If only a tiny portion of these things maybe a finding a home in your heart.

Let us not forget that each of us so perfect inside we are. Just under the hand of the craftsmen’s wheel we find ourselves, in this journey we call Life.

Some experienced much, some less, no difference in the perfection of the journey prescribed.

Yet the finest fine diamond of perfection, each time being honed. No difference in end result.

And from this view, as you go forward, you’ll consider deeply thus.

Aren’t you indeed a part of the perfection around all of us, if you learn to look at it all just right?

And it’s ok to be who you are.

You are the expression of perfection indeed. Perfectly where you are supposed to be playing your part, right now, as you read this.

Just perfect you are, see!

There, surprise, quite a story needed to be told. As promised at the start, there warm beside the fire.

But now perhaps a little smile will arrive. When you come to understand that it is just fine, just to be you. For you are perfection, even if not understood. You were all the time. Maybe just before, perhaps the view not clear, not more.

Just full of limitless potential if when you take next step. Just like the rest of us. On a perfect journey of learning, experiences good or bad. The highs and lows just the ebbs and flows of Life at time, not more.

Moving closer to the understanding of perfection that is everywhere around you, if you learn how to look, just right.

And you are, just like all the rest, a portion of perfection looking at yourself perfect, when mirror reflects it back. Because you are perfectly who you are.

For the perfection we are, is the you, the you of me and the me of you.

Perfectly now considering just how perfect you are.

To pick yourself up again, dust it all off. To go about living your Life again, and learning now to enjoy it.

For the perfection of this place all around, with you in it.

Oh and please don’t forget to smile a lot.


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