To all sentinel beings – thank you

To all sentinel beings – thank you

Quietly, known to those that are closest only, they are. The work they all do, as they are called to hold together this place called home.

For these are those that you’ll never find “up front” and “out there” in public eye.

For some the purpose of coming was always clear. For others time taken to arrive now to position held, stronger in resolve for the journey they are.

For these are those amongst us, whether we see them or not, who make the investment to hold a peaceful place for the whole of humanity.

They care enough to pick up rubbish, to hold another’s hand. To cry with the shoulder crying on theirs.

To meditate for Peace and Healing to return. For wisdom to come back like a bolt of lightning. That we might see the error in our ways.

Or maybe just to smile at another each, just because they are present enough to decide.

To those that go deeper going into the ether, to protect, hold together, settle and build up.

Even and not least of course, all those starting to come into a new relationship with themselves. As if for the first time it feels. World looks like it’s changing in front of you. You’ll know the feeling if it hasn’t already come. Only beginning to concentrate on what they can contribute, rather than to take. And ask themselves why not.

To all you that know the choices you take, because you are taking them.

Thank you, thank you thank you.

The world has nothing to offer for the debt that is owed to you faithful servants. You the holders of all that is good.

Let us now promise never to forget you ever again. Never far from our thoughts from this day on, will you be.

For it is all those coming to a new understanding, perhaps even now as you read this. That we all need to play our part in turning this around.

Perhaps the first port of call is by thanks, thanks to all the Sentinel beings around us that have been working so hard. Why so many others have been missing from the job,

So now again thank you to all those, those that know who they are, that continue their good work. Mush easier the road because of you all.



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