Where the rubber hits the road.

Mankind, the kindness of man, for let us not be called now the human race ever again. We have, the kindness of man, today, like all others gone and all those coming. To make a decision about what it is we want and who it is we want, now to be.

The challenges we face now, perhaps no less than we have before. But today unlike any time since passed, no more acute the consequences of our actions will be.

For whether or not the individual sees, believes or not, its arrival still hidden from view. Still it comes anyway.

The kindness of man is being challenged like never before.

For it was to us that was given only this single version of the world.

Where we were taught that of Wages, Work, Mortgage, Career, Competition and that of the “Human Race”. Race, Religion, Separatism and Fear.

That profit was measured somehow in “monetary wealth”.

To hold a different direction or desire, once understood how much of a jail it, has all been designed to be. Most challenging indeed to understand how deep the programming runs, how much effort required altering direction.

For we have never been taught anything else.

Never allowed to discover what might work, or not, outside of it. Not once, experiment done, for the benefit of all. Pause, and let that sink in. Not once, ever.

Kept distracted by difference and distrust built right in. By the killing and destruction towards our home and each other, taught to be. That of hate, deceit, dishonesty provoked as if hot poker from the fire.

Even in this time, those who should know better, in the knowing, should be. Interest always, just that of numbers for some gain somewhere. Nothing more than the very thing needed to turn our backs on, “Usery”, at all levels.

For now, history calls from our collective future, to stop what we are currently doing and take another path. So that those coming afterwards will look back on us with pride.

To those in Life’s moment they are right now. Those, all needed just a gentle prod or perfectly placed question one day. When they remember when they had that feeling of being worth more than that of today.

When they wondered how much this entire mess could be improved and made better and better each day.

When they felt beauty in what they were doing, as if drawn by some force. To only be dragged away by the machine that surrounds us all, today in this place. That wouldn’t be “normal” if you do that, they told you.

So let now the realisation occur to you, as you read slowly trying to take all this in, that no one is to deliver this new place to be, to you.

For it is now that our actions count, yours and mine.

For it is now that we must turn away from all this mess and go about tidying this place up, a lot.

Working out how to live peaceful on this single rock we call home. You know that single place we call Earth. That we all seem to have forgotten about.

That which gave us Life in the first place.

For it is now that indeed the rubber hits the road. Where we put down Usury altogether and start to live together, everywhere, in peace.

And it is you and me, the reader and the scribe together, holding a vision of doing so so much better, than now.

For all we are doing right no, isn’t it?, is killing each other, destroying our home and learning how to hate and be controlled more and more.

To build real community together rather than all these keys and locks and isolation, that costs us so much more than anyone wants to be honest about.

Oh just exactly where is this rubber that needs hitting upon the road?

The road of change, before us now, it is.

It’s in your next decision to help rather than hinder. Not to harm but rather reach out, instead. Into trying to be a supporter rather than consumer of all around us all.

Not to take but rather the “contribute route” tried this time, and now going forward.

Decisions held fast thus, rather than the easy way that got us to where we are today.

To build up and support not to strike out and pull down.

This road, where the rubber needs to be applied. Into new horizons it calls us to come. Right there before you.

The freedom to choose has been born right into you.

And no one can take it away.

To Love, calls from somewhere out there right now in our future, you see.

Just to Love. To give it, just a chance.



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