Tomorrow is today

Pause for a moment, slow down and come inside. For this inside is indeed a safe, quiet, special place to be.

For as you have now slowed the world down, placing it quietly on the shelf. Here you are in the now feeling what tomorrow feels like.

Not a care in the world.

Rather held quietly your mind is, peacefully and calm over the beautiful feelings you know are now about to arise.

For now, with world far behind , a vision of what tomorrow is going to feel like, comes as an amazing surprise.

For there, there in tomorrow’s future, is a beautiful place.

For you arise feeling empowered, light and happy upon waking each day. In tomorrow’s scenery, this is the only way for everyone sharing our planet together. People being kind to each other, just as natural as can be.

What you’ll do on this day is exactly what the heart desires. No formal concept of “work” now even understood.

But tremendously driven and focused, also you can be. To push our understanding of everything around us, to help us all live better together. To indeed take full advantage of that.

No concept of Life demanding any pressure on the individual remains. Rather we will have decided to be the kindness of man, we can. For it is just about choice you see, and now you can feel it.

Gratitude, Love and compassion, will be the new drivers of the day. For deep, deep down you’ll know what it is to be Loved and understood. Rather than carrying those doubts you do about yourself, today.

For now, in this tomorrow is not the human race of today. Gone, that of survival of the strongest and all struggle, all Life given up.

Machines and technology being used to improve everything around us. Constantly giving back to Nature and taking spectacular care of our home.

Abundance and exploration, the Arts, all of them, now remain constantly focused. For there is no other game to be played. No other path possibly understood.

Everything living and sharing our home with us. Now in trust to mankind, their faith now restored. For great custodians of this place, we will be.

And see, see now how safe and just fantastic this all feels. The vision of a safe exquisite place. Hold for a moment or two, as you like.

Indeed delivered now to you, as promised. For the warmth held now inside you, doesn’t lie. It knows not how.

Slowly now, back into today we must now drift. Gently arriving to the now where the reading on now part you own part, you must. But taking as much time as needed to come back to yourself. As need prescribes, it can be.

For in the now wherever you might find yourself, perhaps now, you might be wondering.

Just who is going to make all that happen? To move towards such a beautiful place?

So close now I can still feel it. From these tiny words, it came.

And that is why good friend, this little moment of your Life, was called “Tomorrow is Today”.

For it is us all now, individually and collectively, in today, that our new tomorrow starts to arrive.

Cause it’s not coming from any other place, it can’t. And that’s just the way of this place it seems. If we want something better in tomorrow, then we must start living our “better”, today. No one else is coming to guarantee this to us, this time.

We must start to deliver far, far better outcomes for ourselves and every living being around us.

And it is all of us now, that must start sharing, this vision of all we can be. Holding each other up taking baby steps, but together and individually, if the need. Putting down all the anger, hate and greed.

But it is the you, and I, that must hold the passion for this new tomorrow to arrive, in our today’s.

For if you think about it now just right, it is in our actions towards our home and each other now, that makes our new tomorrow, today.

To ask if someone needs help, instead of walking past. To carry the bags, or help someone cross the road. To stop drinking from the cup of convenience and instead now, finding again our path.

The unlimited truly powerful kind gentle, the real mankind, the who we already are. Again we’ll remember who we really have already been.

For it is to the kindness of man we must returned. Strayed too far off path, for too long, it is now plain to see.

Hold the warmth now carried. The lust for this new tomorrow to arrive, more to yourself and all those around you, into it by your actions today.

To change our path together, nothing more Natural could be.

Tomorrow is today for sure, just wait now, in our actions you’ll see it. For those trying to show you the way, are already there right beside you. If you’d only stop and look around you, right there, the case will be.

If you now decide to carry tomorrow into your day now.

As you venture forth to spread the kindness of man.

Then our new tomorrow will truly will have already started to arrive.

And you would have played your part.

And for those that know the knowing. On the right path you are. Hold fast, for the pressures, shared by us all in these times. You, the holders of the light.

Tomorrow is today, in your actions today, a new brighter tomorrow really is.

Tomorrow is today, it truly is.

And best of all. It all is possible, right now.


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