Beyond the beyond

beyond the beyond

Out there, in the future, now coming close, the times we can barely conceive of such amazing times.  Please come with me now let the picture quietly arrive to you.

All things in the present, quietly fading going dimmer and dimmer, going down.

As quickly as that of the present dissolves in front of you now, the new quickly arrives.  In a splendid way, with colours, vibration and energy it swims around you.  That of the most amazing of feelings, abundance and Joy.

For into that of the Future now, you have returned.

You know, that place we get to really enjoy being alive.  Feel.  Pause a moment. Feel. Where Life is a rush a ride and everything in it a great big celebration.  As we will have returned to that time when we used to live in bliss and harmony with all living creatures on Earth.

Where Life is abundant for each splendid individual who has their feet on the land at this time.

Where we have worked out, so long ago, to look after our home, like royalty really should be.  For we will know this deep gratitude for Life, all of it.

No longer of darkness, deceitful, destructive, with bad intent will we be.  Rather in the resonant times. Where not one of us can drink in and give out enough energy and goodwill towards each other.  Light surrounding and embracing us, supported by our home.

Let me take you now, one layer deeper, from before, but where we did not go before.

The feeling of being alive, vibrant and of light isn’t now deep enough.  For even that is normal for them.  For there is an even deeper and more amazing experience in these modern times, to be had.

There you are feeling amazing, grateful for each aspect of your Life in those times.  But I know in even these times, you have dreams constantly.   For living in this near future time of now, as blissful as it is, not all there is to see.

Feel this.  Even in that amazing time, where this new life normal, you are spending your time trying to work out how to make it better for those coming after you.  Trying to envisage a Life so abundantly amazing for them, perhaps then, out in your future of then.  For you and I, how far away even the new now might feel for us today.

But tell me, if you hold this space just so with me right now, that you couldn’t imagine living in that amazing place.  Thinking forward with such a smile in your endeavours for those coming.  How good it is going to be for them, because that is what it feels like for you, standing in the new now right now.

How you imagine in those days, even how much better than the normal of the now, will be for them.  Even from your most perfect of places, it’s a difficult imagine to hold onto the thought of just how much better it will be for them.

That place of light, vibrancy and Love for you just now.

That place where everything just seems so perfect.

The inside the conscious mind of that time we are exploring.  I hope you enjoy the view, as much as I do.  Pause a while, you’ve been invited already.

For if you let your mind wander inside that view it’s amazing the other feelings of being alive in that time, will come.

For this feel, as quietly you return to the today of now, right back to the place we started our journey on together.  Feel that warm amazing feeling with you now, in your present day.  Hold on to it throughout your day.  Share it, give it, away.  Go on, see if you can.

Repeat again tomorrow.

For there is much at risk right now and wouldn’t it be such a waste, all that has been given.  All we have been given to make this future world arrive to us just now.  All that it is our obligation to move now onto higher land, hand in hand.  Seeking far better outcomes for ourselves and our home around us, in your most real of places, today.  Your today.

Wouldn’t it be such a waste indeed to see us just trash all this magic everything we have been given.  Including ourselves, as we are doing now.

In our next decision, each of us, a new outcome must be sought, step by step.

Learning today to hang onto the most amazing, abundant, vibrant person you know now.



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