So, so abundant we are

So so abundant we all are.

If you stop to consider for a while, may a delightful smile begin to build, when thinking how abundant we have become together. So much the potential in abundance indeed we have.

For our home, in spite of our best efforts to destroy, continues to provide abundance where we have demanded it be so. Nearly broken her back we have.

We have worked out how to be and hold ourselves in these days abundantly now.

No way of ever knowing a time before when struggling for freedom we all were. Nothing to consider, or reflect upon it, as reference, from. So gone a time of those days we now are. Living abundantly together

Our children, numbers not controlled, for we know that they are the bringers of the next generation, if we acknowledged them, thus. An abundance of Life just taking over this place.

Safe at all times, free to venture and explore, they all would be.

If we could look at the world through this lens.

Look, look there, it’s not out of reach. All needed, just little by little, in its direction we all must travel. We must seek.

Where rather than to work, our job is to work out how to dance our way through it better, this thing we call Life. In the short time we are here. Together sharing this breath taking place.

Where insecurity of feeling, fear and doubt are fully replaced by Compassion, Acceptance and Support having taken the roles.

And we have taken all those destructive things they built back then and reprogrammed it all to rebuild, regenerate and support us, for our benefit, not destruction. Oh and on the next day we made it better and continued now for quite a while. Remember (smiling).

So abundantly we have turned it all about to build up and support rather than to destroy and take.

Expansion of conscious such a natural place to hold ourselves to.

So, so abundant in fact that to continue, disruptive to too many.

But for those who now are learning to see anew, the focus.

It is into these pathways now, focus be.

So so abundant we are, far to special to be doing all these things to each other. For the sake of paying to live, indeed. What nonsense.

Stand tall in your own way, where you stand, together in this, all of us must be.

Walking the other way.

Oh and if you have lost your way in all of this. For this written just so, so those who know the knowing, will know. Deep the warmth in the stomach now struck.

Just today right now in now, to be nice, or kind.

And see how that feels.

What have you got to lose if you gave it a go?

See how abundant, you can feel.

Let no one take that feeling away ever again.

Keep it close.

This, this just the start. For too many now looking for its arrival to be stopped.

As Nature intend, all the time. Remember that nature that keeps us alive.

So abundance of freedom and us in it, we can be. You can almost taste it, if you know.

In abundance all of us here, everyone, should be.


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