I wake, now today, in the future

I wake now sometime in the future.

Somewhere between deep sleep, safe warm in bed, pillow perfect, soft so perfectly soft. Take a moment to feel it, please do.

A smile arrives slowly, slowly as I drift back in the real coming day before me.

See each day in this place indescribably different it is to now, you see. Look clear.

Life as become a celebration now, gone the notion of the human race. The concept of working for a living as been expired.

The more my return to that of now, in the future, the smile just keeps getting bigger. Maybe eyes just peacefully opening for the first time of the day.

For it is today that you get to explore who you are, rather than thoughts of being exploited by others, for their gain.

For it is today now, in the future, where waking up to Live in it, is just a celebration for you and everyone around you.

For I am charged with the desire to make sure everyone around me are alright. That their Joy in being alive is intact. That the joyous celebration of it all is right where it should be.

Mankind has returned back to days of far in the past, the real Truth. Were the exploration of the Arts and quality of our Life in balance with nature has returned.

It’s a buzz in fact, a real buzz to be alive now, so good the feeling it feels like you’ll burst. Feel it true. Right now in this moment. Close your eyes and let it touch your very Soul. Deep inside.

For these are the days where we are living peacefully celebrating who we all are and our differences. Borders gone, now turned again into cultural celebration centres. For everyone to be able to get to know everyone else, rather than fight.

Holding utmost gratitude to the Earth and everything around us, for keeping us alive. Thank you to the Nature of this place. Our forgotten home and everything else that holds it all up.

Now that in these days, the Human race starts to understand what a total, total miracle each moment is. Next breath now, not taken for granted.

We have returned to those days of deep deep wisdom and understanding. Advancement for everyone the world is focused, thus. Better for those coming after us, we are charged.

Eyes fully open now, for we are waking, remember. But still in the now of the future we find ourselves. Eyes open.

The feeling of being alive in the kindness of man time period. We have returned in these times to the understanding of being connected with the Universe, in every direction.

Not understanding of any connection to now, how we used to ever do such bad things towards each other and home. A time of great shame it will be called.

On that day to rise into in the future, so it is thus, before you.
Standing, the gaze out the window quick, as you are walking out now into the day. Out the door you go out in the most perfect of place. Just feel it.

For indeed right now, even in these dark days, we can turn away from all this nonsense of now. And actually start turning towards better outcomes towards each other and our home.

Today we are together capable of such things. Right now in the next moment it took you to read this.

For it is that fast, right there in your next decision that we U turn start seeking better outcomes for each other and our home.

So that, just around in the near future close, a much much better place will be. This current madness swept away, this, this insanity.

Why can’t we just, just feel these amazing, amazing things, deep deep down and just put down all this madness? For it was in those crazy crazy times, way back then.

When sometime in the future you could be reading this.

Is this how we want them in the future to look back upon us now, and wonder why?

I wonder what you’ll do next, in the now of now?


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