Oh and on the next day and next

Well in truth it will be the same again.

Excitement and Fun and enjoyment Nature all around us, abundantly returned and healed itself of all the damage we have dished out.

For the only thing in focus in the now of those days, is how to Live better and with each other and our home.

Music and Balance returned. Resonance of ourselves and everything around us turned up. Just because we chose to make it so.

Taken flight above all this mess, leaving it well behind. No understanding of what it was to be that far down.

Love genuine honest Love, deep Love of Self, those around, and all the beings that share this home.

Where the quality of Life, not the quantity of ownership, unthinkable to be anywhere else, it would be. Not that from pious position, but rather just honest caring. Caring for each other and our home, just so, so natural now. Now in these days, just up the road.

Where the entire planet was, frankly, just bouncing along, in happiness.

Waste, singe use, plastic, toxic waste, pollution so distant in concept, hard to remember their definition. Just around the corner it could be. When we turn in Love to care about each other, rather than having to live in boxes, behind locked doors.

Allowing the so much of the limitless potential we are to be hidden just, just beyond the sight of so many. Just, beyond it seems for some now, start to ask why?

Oh, and on the next day and next

It will be the same again.

We’ll be living in a place where perfection, the most wonderful civic awareness will be pouring forth.

Arrival to this place only reliant on one thing. So small on the scale of importance, crushed under foot, the kindness of man it has been.

It’s when we have turned and decided to be kind to each other and our home, that the real arrival starts to come into focus.

Because it’s on all our shoulders, yours and mine, that into focus we can see this world come.

Come, come into Love, in these days. This is what we need to do. Not a moment to loose. In these days.

So far leaning over the edge we are at risk of being, right now. If only the so, so many could see.

Oh, and on the next day and next.

We just need to do a lot better right now. Together here on this place. Each day and then again on the next.


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