But will I fit in, will I have a home?

It’s all the buzz, you see. The feelings changing as many begin to turn now to changes being felt. Not exactly knowing result, but the beauty of the new undeniable. As if something sublime is arriving, but unable to express, try as hard as you like.

For as the spirals and fractals dance before, the circle that is Life returning now. To a being that history has forgot. From beyond that of myth it comes.

Some might apply “new age” to this change. For labels presently needed. New it is in this era, but an arrival of a centeredness that is so old. Like an old friend coming home having been absent for many years. When words not needed, just a glancing smile of welcome enough. Said it all, with the eyes and heart, no need for words. For Life to again be balanced, true and rich.

A celebration of remembering and being again.

So perhaps indeed a new age comes. For now even in the reading of this it arrives to us all, just a fraction more. For each time now yours and my heart focused in these ways. Into a new age our journeys’ focus helps create.

Yet maybe the biggest challenge now facing all, in this regard.

For how now will we meet the challenge of being a “New Human” to be living in this “New Age”?

Because logic dictates that in a new age, the things of the past will be no more. The patterns of old not supported in the new. No place in the new for the patterns of old.

So no place to be found, there’ll be, for greed, anger, hatred and deceit. No place to be found on the mantel place for that of controlling other’s for selfish gain. Even doing something for another with expectation of return.

For these and countless numbers of other patterns of behaviour, no place, not even a supported “belonging” will be found. For these will be as if speaking a language that no one can even understand. The behaviour so repugnant it just won’t make sense. If the New Age, is truly a new age, for us to call home.

For this will be a place where the New Human calls home and makes sense for them to reside. No place for the toxic rust, destruction and out of balance consumption of the times of before. The petty and meaningless no more. No power, as they hold today.

As if attempting to mix water with oil, so opposite will the behaviours be.

For the New Human will know their limitations or weaknesses of behaviour and interaction and constantly looking to do better. Better for themself and better for all those around, regardless of where they find themselves.

The New Human will be able to see and forgive themselves of transgression or trespass across another’s Life path. Wanting always in the future present to be doing better than the past.

Heavy bags of self doubt, self abuse, pity and feelings of not measuring up will be no more. For the New Human can’t be, if these things still dragged behind.

Compassion, gratitude, Love, understanding, kindness and a desire to be constantly better for those around, will be the order of the day. For in these things, the most delicate wine to be found. No desire to drink from any other cup desired.

The attention required to live in balance and harmony with Nature, all the Nature that makes our home what it is. These also will be of equal importance to the New Human on the day.

We know what it is to fall short of our own expectations, yet to celebrate deeply that in tomorrow is the chance to continually do better than today.

Profit will be to do things that help each other and contribute positively, with care, into another’s Life. For the New Human will be wanting others to know deeper than themselves, the richness that it is, to be alive. Knowing what it is to laugh at one’s self and take on board honestly the learning’s as they arrive.

Profit will be doing things to return our home to the Eden it is. Repairing and putting right all the destruction inflicted before. Profit will be understood to be that of contribution, recovery and support. Rather than to take.

Joy, laughter, togetherness, being constantly playful to bless others.

All the traits you find just naturally a part of the New Human in the New Age, will be.

And the cool thing, most cool of all.

If you look around you, as these words now touch your heart. Now in your today. You’ll see folks close by that are now indeed, in part, making effort to become something new. For they like you now, answering the call to be better than we all were yesterday.

To begin, as this day plays out before you now, to become the New Human living in a New Age.

Brutally honest with self, yet not carrying the bags. Striving to do better. Bringing much forgiveness for yourself and others around.

For it is not that far away, you see.

Focused on the observer and the lessons therein to be learnt. Not quick to judge and strike out. Control of anger, hate, bitterness, Fear, self doubt and judgement now a well honed art. Much honest personal work required.

For if now, whether you believe it or not. As a New Age arrives, only with it, space for “New Human’s” it delivers, now to us.

For them, the New Human’s, to call it home.

For all others, as is already the case today, already blind to the changes now coming quickly to this place. No home in this future to be understood.

Much focus and resolution now required.

So that on that day, in a New Age, you’ll find a place to call home.

Will now, today, a New Human, you be?


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