There is a fabric all about

This fabric everywhere it is. Everywhere and everything in the widest meaning of the words, the intent. Just beyond, all we have.
Woven in ways beyond the understanding of all. For others have come to same understanding. It’s a living cloth, responsive, it adjusts, it understands.
It is the definer of Life. Of soft or hard, cold or hot, of the fish or the tree, the rock, the gases, the vacuum of space. That which is before the ether, that makes all, all.
It knows no bounds, because it exists to support all the learning you see. Woven with hands beyond that of magical it is. Ours just one expression in the billions of the many. All normal each is.
So fine, so perfect it is. Only in Love and Joy it comes, to make the impossible possible. From where?, beyond. For it can’t be contained ever, it is unknowing, to know, it is beyond.
This fabric provides not just of the material but that of non substance that of it’s self supports what we know, the being here at all. For even our thoughts wouldn’t exist. If it weren’t what it is there would be truly nothing at all.
Time has no bearing, isn’t even part of the comprehension. For at this level even time even time just allowed and understood. But supported, as all other possibilities are.
It is the music beyond that which can be heard, in every spectrum of sound. Yet it is harmony, inside of this we are all supposed to be. Not fighting against it, as we seem, now focused. For the whole purpose is Love.
Beyond frequency layers abound. For frequency just another part.
So beyond amazing the fact is, that if investment made, direct connection with this fabric, just at the end of your fingertips. For it is naturally who you are. For from beyond frequency we all came. So to think any other way, simple madness. But well beyond expression, touched just so, all doth remain.
For it amazes that awareness of all, at his level, even possible. To rest in the flow, the way it’s supposed to be for everyone. For that is the point.
Amazing that such power given, to create energy. No more hard to see what flight is. All here, the same potential given.
Separation simply impossible always will be. For this fabric of Love, all around us, from which everything came. Also just a gift, given perhaps by another, or more. Beyond sanity the depths of some thoughts are. For trying to contain the infinite, not a place we can dwell.
But know this now. Without this three dimensional endless fabric that is the all of the all, nothing would be here not even you.
Great care required now to walk away and start to return to real awareness of Life.
For now, as it does from time to time, change rippling through this fabric, this thing that makes time. It’s not about good or bad or farness. No sight about the rules possible. It’s just what it is doing what it it does.
With eyes to see, those who are responding, clear now to see. Joined by many more turning into the new wind that begins now to blow. For a new direction now must be sailed.
Our real outcomes, need now to be sought. That which has been forgotten now for far too long. That which remains focused where most are today, simply, another seed gets planted. Gone of the old and again the new fresh starts.
The future is yours, make no mistake. Given as the most precious gift. Yours to deny or embrace, the incredible depth expressed by it all.
As this changing song beyond frequency breaths at this time. Dangerous it may be to remain outside. But outside is your right, for that is the gift.
Much wisdom in these days required.
For this change, impossible to deny.
Pathways to Resonance

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