The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I have ever had

The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I have ever had

Stolen those words are, from another source.

Captures the madness trying to consume that which will never be held.

The human spirit.

Exquisite beauty of the who that we are. So much to offer, so much to contribute to each other. So much Love to come and healing to be done.

For it is our spirit, the very essence the who of who we are.

The all we can be, the bad and the good. The light switch so, so close, yet off it remains for the many, it seems. The more pressure comes, the more the light arrives.

A dreamer, yes I am, a dreamer.

My dreams are large and whole. For if you look, sometimes a little while only, is all it takes. There in that view the light arrives to reveal that which will take the breath away.

The beauty of who we really are and the all we can be.

For with all energy we have thrown into this mess and how we treat this place. One can hardly imagine the miracle, perhaps no other word for it. What would be created if we choose better paths for ourselves and this home. How we would truly live and live well together in those days.

A dreamer, yes I am, a dreamer.

One who looks now for others that hold the

The dreamers who know how, done the work, stayed the path, who might read this with small smile on the face. Cause you know, you feel the energy in these words. You know them to be home, the same for you and me.

For in these times when much pressure brought to fore, that which is our essence begins to take flight. We begin again to remember what it is to be us. For returning to better times ahead we are.

Perhaps forward now you can place yourself.

To be immersed in the feelings, the energies to come. For one day not too far away, those of feelings, will be real then.

The dreams in which I am dying are the best I have ever had.

A dreamer, yes I am, a dreamer.

And I hope you are too.


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