Now for the collective good.

The collective good

Much pressure arriving to us, all of us, right now. That of hidden agenda now forced into the Light. Pressured by the Nature that surrounds.

So well planned that action in daylight, the eyes to see you must have. Otherwise camouflage too good for the rest. No chance of a gaze in sight.

Much at risk in these times is. That which cannot keep up with the change. Ready or not it comes regardless of our hurts or pains. Those we Love and ourselves all at risk much is.

Global governance, global control, “safe and effective”, “build back better”, smart cities, convenience, our rights, the corporation, thrust towards us, as if normal it all is. All not our friends, these and many, many more aside.

For Nature comes directly in these times, ready or not, the train left the station long ago. Wheels in motion already turning you see.

For we have to act now, not from that of greed and lust, but that for our collective good.

Otherwise much misery, so bumpy the ride, our path set.

For that of Love, Joy, Laughter, good Life begins to arrive now. So strong the Love, the Life itself, the darkness, no longer to have a home. For beneath the only left home to reside.

Disease, war, hungry, poverty, or deceit, was never where mankind was to venture. Yet finely honed, these weapons upon ourselves we inflict, with such violent precision. So, so much the violence, the destruction caused. Sadly, that might be the saddest thing we all missed.

For imagine a world where, instead of all the investment towards the raping and destruction of each other and our home. Rather we put that much focus, even just a small portion of that energy and resource into making this place a paradise, in which we would all live.

Imagine going to work, building and doing things to help each other. Rather than losing our lives feeding the very blood from our veins, into a toxic machine. That takes the very Life, all of it, close to the soul, it bites.

Where people focused on making Life better, more enjoyable, more gentle on our home. Where crime, deceit, lies, hunger and the rest. Not even a small foot hold can they find.

Maybe even now with only a tenth of the energy we set towards killing each other, what a contrast that would be, right?

That we missed, how marvellous this entire ride called Life could be if we just decided to put just a little of our energy in that direction. So perfect this place we call home, so toxic for us it becomes. Killing each other, taking advantage the only game around.

That we missed, that we could live our entire Lives, feeling safe. Never in a seconds worth of worry about the safety of another. This, this is how we are supposed to have been living all along.

That we all missed the point, that this is just one of thousands of realities we could all create, here in this place, just one, not more.

Rather, discovering ever corner that Life presents, we all should be, all the time you see.

Stomping on each other. Usury so well perfected, just wrong. No a hint of concern for the millions killed. As long as it is not me, then everything will be alright, not a game. For that is of death and life. The very essence of all.

Now the time to come out from behind locked doors and begin to rebuild this place, together, today, brick by brick. To make it become everything it and we in it were supposed to be.

For someone like you, as your eyes now drift though these words. Even for you, this place was supposed to be enjoyable. Not a struggle or a fight. If you take a moment to check deeply inside. It’s that desire you’ll find feeling there. All of us are carrying it you see.

That we should be doing so, so much better, than this.

For a few things “show up” when you start to ask why, that will take your breath away. Drawn from the lungs, taken, with such a smile on the face.

When understanding arrives how juvenile we have all been and how endless all the other possibilities are.

That we can easily speak with each other without phone, regardless of distance in between.

That healing, and healing at distance might be something all of us can do.

Where all the energy ever needed, you’ll need not look further than your finger tip.

No broadcast of anything required. For we’ll be able to feel ourselves and know intuitively what is really going on around us. No radio, no Tv, no power transmission polluting the environment around. For we will be tuned into Nature instead, all the we need, indeed it is.

That many around us right now are waiting to be able to welcome us home. Respecting our decisions, however, they must.

Where Life is a pleasure for you and for those coming after. More special this place will be. The receivers of this generations’ beautiful toil to receive.

Maybe these are the most important rights we all should be defending? Our right to explore these things and many more besides. For this list, our possibilities of creation, pages to be consumed. Just a couple list here.

That rather than being witnesses to all this destruction. We should be gazing out awestruck, at this perfect place in which we live. The exploration of all we are capable of together will be amazing to see.

If now to heed this call you decide. Light will start to show up. For Nature in that moment has heard your request.

Light through the most amazing places will begin to arrive. Good people, maybe even just one at the start. For that is all you’ll need, everything perfectly delivered when the need is right.

For it is, brick by brick, it is you and I that needs today to start to move towards far, far better outcomes than this mess. Nature knows no other path than humbling reward for those that choose and hold steadfast, thus.

And when deeply entrapped by the wonder that this place is. Look back and be grateful for moving forward with different intention, having read this.

For right now we all have a hand in killing ourselves. And we call it progress.

Rather much toil required in these days. To turn and focus upon the collective good. Much effort demanded of each. To individually become conscious of the decisions, actions and thoughts we allow to govern us.

The who we are, trying to become, as we move through this Life. Not now for the faint of heart.

For the collective good or for continued destruction in these times we head.

Surly it is time now to move towards the collective good?

Each of us now must decide.

For the gap widens now and there’ll be no going back.

Nothing more vital, as this little story now draws to close.

As the next choice to be made arrives in your Life.

Do we continue to destroy ourselves with such lust and anger? Or will you now take hold the hand being extended forward so gently and come to explore the all we can really be, for each of us and our collective good?


Pathways to Resonance

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